Sunday, June 30, 2013

Crime & Punishment...

In one day last week, two of my family were questioned by the police after neighbors called in complaining.  We happened upon our granddaughter and were visiting outside her little apartment when two police cars came in opposite directions as if to block her car parked in front. It seems one side of the street has new sideways parking lines, while her side didn't, and she had not parked at enough of a slant to suit them.  The policeman tore up her ticket with just a warning.  Oh my! 

Then the neighbors called the police on one of my daughters whose young children  had friends over playing in their backyard.  A grapefruit it seems was thrown over the fence.  Oh my!  It reminded us of a time when the police were called while she was babysitting our boys when they were preschoolers and a neighbor reported they had thrown a stick in their yard.  Oh my!  Should we be happy that no greater crimes need criminal investigation?  Aren't there any gang bangers to bust?

It is hard to believe people lead such lives as to find the time to be greatly perturbed over the littles, the little things in life, sticks, grapefruits, and crooked lines. When you walk around with eternity in your heart, the littles are not on the horizon; men's souls and their eternal destiny is.  It's all in one's perspective I guess.  Stick or grapefruit throwing little boys are not the problem in this world nor crooked parking problems.  "Put down that grapefruit and back away slowly."  Oh my!

Can you imagine if we brought back the stocks?

"Do Thou unto us whatsoever seemeth good unto Thee."  Judges10:15
"Peace of heart lies in perfect resignation to the will of God.  What you need is true simplicity, a certain calmness of spirit which comes from entire surrender to all that God wills, patience and toleration for your neighbor's faults, and a certain candor and childlike docility in acknowledging your faults.  The trouble you feel about so many things comes from your not accepting everything which may happen to you, with sufficient resignation to God." Francois De La Mothe Fenelon

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