Sunday, June 9, 2013

I told someone recently that when you slice humble pie, there's always enough to go around.  I should know since I have eaten more than a few slices lately.  With shingles, for example, my wardrobe is reduced to whatever is the loosest and most comfy, which unfortunately is a nightgown and robe more often than not.  I have a bulging closet of obviously the most uncomfortable clothes for every season just hanging there.  I embarrass myself going out and getting the mail in my awful get-up that it's humbling.  When I go out, I hope to goodness that I won't see anyone I know.  Then, the same day I blogged about watching the tongue, I responded negatively to a pin without obviously reading the small print: I still thought it was in terrible taste, but they didn't need my opinion.  In that case, I opened my mouth wide for another bite of humble pie.  Then, after years of putting away my original manuscript, I pulled it off it's typewritten, then word processer pages and introduced it to my laptop, and finally to kindle e-book publishing.  However, as many times as I and others have read it, it was hiding so many typos in its redo that spell check couldn't keep up with it.  I am the poster child for what people say is wrong with indy (independent) publishing.  It's fixable, but not until I'm done eating my humble pie.

I'm so glad that when God says to be perfect as my heavenly Father is perfect, it isn't an absolute perfection, but a perfect, childlike heart.  This is what is known as perfect love.   Sometimes we are so imperfect that only a mother, or Father, could love us. We just need to stay humble while maturing and hopefully grow: diapers on a toddler aren't nearly as bad as on an adult.

But alas, I sure would love to go on a diet and cut down on all the humble pie I've been eating lately.  However, the refusal to eat humble pie is called pride, denial, or hiding.  It's like trying to feed a toddler something their shaking head, scrunched up face and locked lips won't ever agree to do even if you make them sit in the high chair until they are eighteen.  Oh my, did anyone say "strong willed?"  Hmm, adults can be as stubbornly strong-willed and able to say "No!" or "Mine" as much as any two year old. God is the patient parent trying to get us to open up for something good for us.  Sometimes we spit it out in His face.  Total surrender is the only way to live.

"Anything we try to cover,
God will uncover;
but anything we uncover,
God will cover."
(Internet Café Devotions)

Hypocrisy means hidden from judgment, hiding from truth.
"For My eyes are on all their ways;
they are not hidden from My face, 
nor is their iniquity concealed from My eyes."
(and you do not even want to read the rest of what He has to say...)
Jeremiah 16:17 

"And there is no creature hidden from His sight,
but all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with who we have to do."
(How can we live any other way than to be humbled?)

Humble pie, anyone?

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