Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Noah

Pilgrim's Progress

"'Ye lame, fear not, you will not be cast out.'
Two snails entered the ark;
how they got there I cannot tell.
It must have taken them a long time.
They must have set off rather early,
unless it be that Noah took them part of the way
Some of you are snails;
you are on the right road;
but it will take a long while,
unless some blessed Noah
helps you into the ark.

More from Noah Webster...

"...the human mind, roving from one temporal object to another, unsatisfied with the pleasures they afford, perplexed with doubts, and like Noah's dove, finding no solid ground on which to rest,  never enjoys permanent peace until it has sought refuse in the ark of Divine safety, the Redeemer's kingdom.  The soul of man is, I am persuaded, never tranquil till the will is subdued and has yielded with implicit submission, to God's sovereign grace...The most dignified attitude of feeble sinful man is that of a penitent at the foot of a cross, imploring pardon from an offended God;
and I firmly believe that every man must be brought to this posture before he can enjoy any permanent tranquility of mind in this life, or possess any qualification for the happiness of the next."

"As pilgrims on the same journey, it would be for our mutual happiness on the road,
'so to be agreed as that we might walk together.'" Amos 3:3

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