Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday morning cartoons?

Child labor laws have kept us from working our kids half to death.  Instead, we plop them in front of the television to occupy them so we can do all the work-- unless you are the Pioneer Woman who acknowledges on her blog that she gets her children up at 4:30am to work the cattle.  The only "get a long little doggie" we have is our dachshund and they are worse than cats for herding.
Don't you hate reruns?  What if you are a mom or grandmother whose television -- beep beep, beep, regular viewing programming has been interrupted -- for the summer?  I would have to admit it, I wish "Good Luck Charlie" would go on forever even if the mom has to have a new baby every season.  Are you looking forward to the new Disney TV movie coming in July as much as I am?  Gidget meets Glee at the beach with a theme of West Side Story sounds perplexing, I mean interesting.  At least it will be something new.  Derrick has discovered "Rawhide," "Big Valley," "Bonanza," "The Virginian," and "Gunsmoke," while TV only rarely catches Hank's ADD attention.  Yet, having the grandkids around, I don't think I've missed many episodes of children's programing from Mickey to ANT Farm, Phineas & Ferb to recorded old episodes of the Wiggles.  Call me picky, but I forbade SpongeBob after a particularly dark episode of murder--sorry to you SpongeBob loving mommies.  I think "Good Luck Charlie" is as good as daytime programming gets.

That's what makes the Bible so fascinating.  It's new every morning.  Fresh manna.  There are never any reruns.  The last episode has not been completed but from what I hear it will be beyond our imagination and will be shot live, no computer generating.  It will be more scary--or thrilling--than the newest end of the world, made-to-shock-you movie.  The hero is my heart throb, the Lover of my soul. 
I'd rather see my kids like this
or this..


or this.

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