Monday, June 10, 2013

Schools out, summer vacation is here, and the common word spoken by all kids after the first day is "I'm bored."  Last night, Noah tried it out on me practicing for a long summer.  I told him to go get the paper, pencils, etc. which will occupy him for a long time.  It did.  He and Laura both wrote and illustrated darling books.  I think they could be published even.  I don't remember telling them this, but my daughters quote me to their children with a saying they said I drilled into their heads, "Only boring people get bored."  Sounds good to me.  I think I'll use it and quote myself this summer. 

Tonight the 8th grade graduate gave us another pearl of wisdom as his dad was waiting in traffic, "Patience is the key to wisdom."  I said the profound, "Wow," in response as he added, "I just made that up and it's pretty good!"  Pretty soon we'll have to climb a mountain top to hear the guru's wisdom. The fight right now in the back seat where his brother is curled up like a roly poly after eating too much at the Hometown celebration for the graduate and is because he is not receptive to his brother trying to teach him about life.

My neighbor is going to have a long summer.  Her husband is being deployed after many delays due to her health.  No more deferments are allowed though she is worse.  This vivacious young woman without kidneys is literally wasting away.  She was told last week that it is official, that she is unable to process protein.  It is the same as children in third world countries, or cancer victims in the last stages, or in the 1% like her with kidney treatment complications.  There isn't a cure.  It is fatal.  She needs to conserve her energy and stay in bed or on the couch, and in the dialysis center three times a week.  So if my kids tell me they don't have anything to do, I won't believe them.  They need to count their blessings (math) or write a thankfulness list (English,) or go help our friend exercise her dog at least  (physical education).  We'll invite her to lay out by the pool this summer and waste time together.  Visiting with her is never boring.

Summer Activities

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