Monday, June 17, 2013

"The Gospel...elevates the soul to God, the Fountain of light, life, and blessings.  They subdue the natural pride of the heart, control the passions, and change the affections.  They infuse a principle of supreme love to God and create a faith in Christ which tranquilizes the soul, dispels gloomy anxieties of skepticism, alleviates the cares , enlivens the joys of life; to crown all, reposes, with delightful confidence upon the Almighty Arm of a Redeemer for salvation." Noah Webster

"It is with heart-felt regret that I see a large portion of the world so inattentive to religion, men often live for many years, gazing upon the stupendous fabric of the universe without a sentiment of piety and wanders among the charming beauties of the earth, where the power, the wisdom and the beneficence of the Creator are displayed in every flower, and every leaf, with as little admiration and gratitude as the beasts that graze on the field." Noah Webster

Please don't eat the grass: it's showing off the glory of creation!

"Two conflicting forces cannot exist in our human heart.
When doubt reigns, faith cannot abide.
Where hatred riles, love is crowded out.
Where selfishness rules, there love cannot dwell.
When worry is present, truth cannot crowd in."
Billy Graham

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