Tuesday, July 2, 2013

After forty years...

After forty years of marriage...

You know that you have to tell your husband when you change handbags or he will look for the checkbook in perfect stranger's purses.

You know that you could live on popcorn if you had to, and pan-popped corn beats microwave popcorn into a buttery pulp.

You know by the set of his mouth that when he says, "It's okay," it's not okay.

You know that the happiness level goes up way up after a good meal and not to discuss important decisions until after dinner.

You know that the best supper is fried okra, sliced garden fresh tomatoes, potato salad & meat on the grill.

You know whose turn it is to let the dogs out this time: the kids.

You know that comfort is a driving force of life, as in easy chairs, a gas fireplace, and a hound dog by your feet.
You know that there are seasons of life and the spring in your step is one you have to take your shoe off to remove.

You know that if you downsize, the grandkids multiply exponentially filling whatever house you settle down in like "there was an old woman who lived in a shoe."

You know that when the phone rings or there's a knock on the door, it usually is for your teenagers.

You know that love-sick teenagers and old married couples like you are the only ones holding hands in public.

You know what it was like when the clothes dryer was the laundry hung by clothespins in the sunshine out on the line, and a dishwasher was a sink full of suds, and exercise was doing a daily load of cloth diapers, and home entertainment didn't include a T.V. set, and there was only one car in the driveway, and your wallet didn't have a credit card or any money.

You know that memory loss means forgetting old arguments and looking at the past with rose colored glasses.

You know that the grown kids quoting some things you have said as the stuff of family lore, some even rise to become epic, are things you don't even remember saying.
You know that forty years of marriage is a gem that shines brighter than the Hope Diamond and is almost as rare.  (We didn't have time in the Smithsonean Natural History Museum to see it.)

You know what it truly means, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health so long as we both shall live, yet there are deeper lessons still to come.

You know to appreciate the past, but to look forward to the future: no one is more surprised than you that forty years have passed so quickly.

You know that you have to laugh at every opportunity so that those wrinkles are really laugh lines.

And to my man, "My mother told me to pick the very best one, and you are it!"

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