Monday, July 15, 2013

Belated Happy Bastille Day on July 14th...

It is not an Independence Day for the French since they were not dependent, not a colony.  So, in a sense, it is freedom from themselves.  The Bastille was built in the thirteen hundreds and added to over the centuries.  It had eight towers with dungeons below each one--think man in the iron mask.  Actually, much of the time it was for political figures, who with enough money, lived fairly normally bringing servants, pets, tapestries, families, etc. while imprisoned.  Sometimes it was for the mentally ill or the embarrassing members of prominent families who did not want their exploits found out.  But, non the less, it was still a prison for many guilty and unfortunates, many had rotted in the dungeons.  At the French Revolution, it was stormed July 14th and soon the work of the centuries was torn down to symbolically end oppression. 

Lafayette lead France's aid to the colonies against the English in the Revolutionary War serving General George Washington, becoming a very close companion.  He gave President George Washington the key to the Bastille which we saw mounted on the wall of his home at Mt. Vernon as a symbol of freedom.  Our generous relatives bought us a cast iron reproduction of this giant key to sit on our mantle at home.

I'm thinking of the symbolism of being freed from ourselves.  Freedom from sin is offered but so very seldom taken.  We are more comfortable living with our sin, decorating it, with our family round about us partaking of the effects of our pet sins wanting servants, even the church, to accommodate us.  Jesus can forgive sins (plural) and even free us from Sin.  We can always go back to prison once He sets us free, but who would want to who enjoys the closeness of fellowship with Him when Sin is taken away that once was a barrier between.  Scripture says some dogs do go back to their own vomit however.  We will never be free of this imperfect body in this world, but there can be perfect love of our Saviour who has freed us. Jesus is the key.

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