Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Children do what you do, not do what you say.
It's mid-summer and kids are in full bloom.
Why is it that peace only comes when everyone is asleep? 
Maybe I should seek a little more peace when everyone is awake and share it.
"Behold, I will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth."
Jeremiah 33"6
"Glory, honor, and peace, to every man (or mom) that worketh good."
Romans 2:10
"True peace is when the soul revolves around its centre, Almighty God, craving for nothing but what God continually supplies...  God made the soul for Himself, to have its bliss in His infinite, unchanging, exhaustless love. The soul then 'must needs be restless, until it repose in Him.'  Everything, whether it belongs to the keenest intellect, or the lowest senses, is an idol if the soul rests in it, apart from God.  The soul's craving for peace is its natural yearning for its End, its Maker and its God.  
E.B. Pusey 
Craving peace?
I am not satisfied with little bubbles of peace, but need peace the size of those giant bubbles that can't be popped, but float lopsided through the air with a rainbow glistening in them that good mothers who read Pinterest make.  But in reality, at home I'm too busy being the treaty maker...
"Say you're sorry...or go to your room for a million years and while you're in there clean it so well that I can serve company dinner off your floor."  I'm about ready to break out the peace pipe and try it for sibling rivalry.  If that doesn't work, I can use it to give them a good cane-ing (just kidding, I think.).  Sometimes peace comes when the wrestlers or boxers go to their corners and the floor belongs to the referee...until the bell rings again.  Perhaps I can try quoting God talking to His kids when He says, "Come, let us reason..." instead of screaming, "Stop it!  You're acting just like a bunch of juveniles!"  Wait, that's what they are.  Have you ever read, "A Moment's Peace," children's book.  It's a classic.   Maybe I'll go have a bubble bath, and let them slug it out by themselves (with inflatable boxing gloves of course).  How's your summer?

"Peace like a river down in my soul.."

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