Monday, July 8, 2013

Children's Letters to God

"Children's Letters to God"is delightful.  A child does not have to sift his or her words through the same filters we use, so it is refreshing to really listen to what they say at times.  I hope you have read that book.  Here are some excerpts...

"Dear God, Thank you for the Baby Brother, but what I asked for is a puppy."
"Dear God, Are you really invisible or is that just a trick?"
"Dear God,  I hope ants aren't special because we squish them all the time."
"Dear God, How come you did all the miracles in the old days and you don't do any now?"
"Dear God, Instead of letting people die and having to make new ones,
why don't you just keep the ones you have now?"
"Dear God, If you give me the genie lamp like Alladin,
I will give you anything you want
except my money or my chess set."
Come on now, you have asked God some of those questions too, especially the last few, and somehow it's not as cute when you ask tinged with a little desperation.  Who hasn't wished they could rub God's tummy like a genie lamp and get their wishes, the first being for more wishes. "But please don't touch our money, God because if You don't come though, we might need it."  (We know we have given God our all when we tithe.) Isn't that what idol worship is all about, placating the gods, to be nice to them so they will grant wishes?  We need to be careful for God is still the Lion of Judah and we can't tug on His tail.   Instead of demanding that genie lamp, tremble when He roars.
But we can come to God with a child-like heart, asking for whatever we desire, but we must align our desires with His desires: "He will give us the desires of our heart."  He will put the right desires in our heart.  It gets stickier with issues like Baby Jack and my young neighbor who's wasting away.  Sometimes it takes a miracle to right what's wrong physically.  We know we are to persistently knock on heaven's door, but we must rest in knowing He is preparing a place for us when our time comes as well as theirs.  We need to pray for the peace that passes understanding in those difficult situations where we feel the clutches of despair. 
Here are some of the letters from our children's church...

"Dear God, What is hevan like?  Is it true the streets are made of gold?  Is it true that you watch us every second of the day?"
Dear God, "...I am very sorry for the bad things I do.  I will do my best in everything and I will try to love others.  I would like to know what hevan is like.  I love you very much and I always will."
Dear God, "Please let my mom get a kitten.  Please let my dog turn into a girl dog.  Please let me be a good nail painter.  Please let my little brother and sister be good kids...etc."
Dear God, "Can you give me a pony?  I love you so much.  You are the best person in the world.  God, I love you more than anybody."
Dear God, "Wy cant you make my sister stop fighting with me so we don't get in trgboule all the time."  (Picture of sister with sharp teeth saying "Roar")
Dear God, "am I going to go 'n the Army?"
Dear God, "Please don't let baby Jack die  he is still yong.  And Please Let me control my anger.  Please say hi to Sean's Dad. (his friend's father who passed away last week.)
I think God probably really liked the letters from Children's Church Sunday.  I know I was blest.

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