Wednesday, July 10, 2013

From the 800's, Rollo was what you might call a distant relative.  He was a Viking, a conqueror who the King of France, Charles I, decided would make a better friend than make an enemy, so they made an alliance.  Granted lands and even marriage to his daughter, all Rollo had to do was kiss his foot.  This was (literally) beneath him, so Rollo ordered one of his underlings to do it for him.  In obedience, the man lifted the king's foot to kiss it, but in doing so, he made the king fall down.  That's not one for the history books!  Methinks Rollo would rather kiss the king's daughter than kiss the king's foot and not both in the same ceremony. Think about that next time you suck on a Rollo candy.

Rollo had converted to Christianity; but, it is said that he went crazy at the end and had 100 Christians beheaded at his death bed. But then gave the churches 100 pounds of gold each.  Hmm.  It is hard to be a good Christian when you are conquering and pillaging.  I hope insanity doesn't run in the family after a good thousand or so years.

Teresa of Avila
"A whole lifetime is short,
and sometimes very short indeed.
How do we know that ours may not be so short
as to end an hour
or even a minute after
we have determined to give ourselves wholly to God?
It is quite possible,
for we cannot depend on anything
that passes away,
much less on life,
on which we must not reckon
for even a single day.
We may be among those who,
worldly as we still are,
have some deep desire
to do what is right.
At times, rare as they may be,
we commend ourselves to God's care.
We think about our souls every now and then.
Busy as we are,
we pray a few times a month,
even though our minds are filled with a thousand other matters.
We need, therefore, from time to time
to cast away our daily concerns.
We need to reflect upon the state of our soul,
and to realize
that we  will never reach our goal
by the road we are following.
We need to withdraw from time to time
from all unnecessary cares and business."
*Matthew 6:21
  This world is not about who has the most bling.

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