Monday, July 15, 2013

 "It is possible to see the will of God in everything,
and to find it,
as one has said, "no longer a sigh, but a song."
Hadley Moule

"So her life was full of sunshine, for in toiling for the Lord
She has found the hidden sweetness that in common things lies stored;
He has strewn the earth with flowers, and each eye their brightness sees;
But He filled their cups with honey for His humble working  bees."
Francesca Alexander

"The occupations of every day seem often trifling,  we may do them without thinking as ordinary things, yet they are the scenes of our appointed lot--appointed by God for you and me...Secretly our character forms according as we handle them.  Give thy heart to God Eternal , since thou art thyself eternal.  Join thy heart to what He has given thee to do..."  T.T. Carter   
My oldest said when he was a young child, "I'm not going to work.  I might pay my wife five dollars to do it for me." Now he is practically a workaholic working hard so his wife can stay at home with their children, the work she enjoys. 


I love that since we are eternal, we should give our heart to God Eternal.  All these little daily events are marching, however slowly, towards eternity.  We should never lose sight of eternity in our heart letting that color our outlook in the everydayness as we plod through this life.  Leave footprints.  As I do the ancestry, some going back to the 800's, it is amazing the footprints that are left, some for good, some not so good. Each moment should not be looked at as a blessing of peace and prosperity, with gratitude because "the hidden sweetness in common things lies stored."

"The steps of a good man (woman) are ordered by the Lord,
and He delighteth in his (her) way."
Psalms 37:23

Each of these pictures were from Williamsburg, Virginia.

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