Saturday, July 27, 2013

La crème de la crème
Why can't I remember to take a picture of food before I eat it?
Martha Steward doesn't live here.  Neither does Martha Washington.  It was time to tie one on as in put my apron on and finally try to made crème brulee like we had at the Gadspy's Tavern in Alexandria, VA, like General George ate. The closest recipe I could find is not that close.  First, if you cook anything at 200 degrees like the recipe said, it will not set up (Try 300 degrees).  Secondly, if you put in 8 egg yolks, it will taste like egg yolks.  But it finally set up and looked pretty after four or five hours of adjustments: it tasted so eggy that only my husband was pleased.  I guess we'll have to wait till we go back to Virginia to eat la crème de la crème!

There is a perfection once tasted that nothing else satisfies.  Sometimes it is the smell of a baby after a bath, or a day at the beach, reading an exceptionally good book, or tasting the best dessert ever found in a steam bath.
"Oh! I am delighted with the book! 
 I should like to spend the whole of my life
in reading it."
Jane Austen

Did you read the "Augustus" children's books growing up?  He liked to talk about the "genuine, simuline" thing! (Here's a hint: the word's not in the dictionary but "simulate" is.) In other words, don't pay the full diamond price for a cheap imitation.  Counterfeit Christianity's shine is a little off,  without the sparkle that can't be counterfeited.  We may not reach human perfection in this world, but perfect love in the heart for God is priceless. 

A picture of perfect love...
"God looks upon the purity of the heart,
the singleness of the eye
and the loyalty of our affection."
Samuel Logan Brengel of the Salvation Army

Gadsby's Tavern was built by a Mr. Wise. 
Wise was my mother's maiden name.
P.S.  Hank returned from camp and confided in me,
 what the kids really missed was their mom's cooking.  Ahh!

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