Thursday, July 4, 2013

One Nation Under God?

Freedom from sin, not freedom to sin... 

Captain's Row, Alexandria, VA
The reporters camped out in front of the Supreme Court waiting the decision on Prop 8.
The question had been, can we legislate morality?  Now the question is can we legislate immorality, and the Supreme Court overruled the vote of the people and said yes.  The Church has not tried to coerce morality beating down bedroom doors and putting people in stocks or jails as our forefathers did, but it has been a voice of right and wrong and moral standards and godly character.  Now the Church will becomes "the home of the brave," as there are those who would silence her voice.

"I think if two people who love each other..." is the common logic heard everywhere today.  The problem with that is how it begins, "I think."   As Christians, it is not about what we think, but about what God says in His Word.  That is our guide. It is a scary world when we are ruled by "I thinks."  Part of the slide has been when "I think" has overruled what God says in Scripture about relationships with words ignored like fornication (when was the last time you heard that word?), sex outside of marriage.  Just because a majority has done it, right relationship with God calls for repentance, and forgiveness.  The whole abortion industry has fed and profited by this out of control lack of morality.  So the current slide has entered the tepid water of immorality where sin is accepted because of the reasoning, "It is none of my business what is done behind closed doors," or "Who am I to say to another who they can love." "Who am I?" Again, it is not who we are, but who God is.  We have either turned Him into the great Winker at sin or blaspheme Him accordingly.  "Who do you say that I am?" was asked by Jesus after spending His few years with His disciples.  It is the ultimate question we have to get right.  Spoiler Alert, I've read the end of the book: He is the great "I am."  (Rev. 1:8)

"for unless you believe that I am He, you shall die in your sins."
Mark 8:24
Jesus' words, not mine.

To hate the sin is not to hate the sinner: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life."
I don't see hate in that; rather, we are to be "rescuing the perishing."
Just saying...

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