Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What we learned this week is an innocent or guilty plea does not bring back a son who died.  We also learned that it is self-defense anytime someone is the weaker one in a fight that is getting serious, and it is okay to kill an unarmed person if he is stronger no matter what the age difference.  In some fights, one punch can kill.  So if someone throws a punch that makes you think he is going to kill you, is it self-defense to shoot an unarmed person?  Where do we draw the line?  I think it is when someone gets out of a car after authorities command them to remain in the car.  What would Jesus do?  He'd ask if He could share the skittles.  There are no easy answers in this difficult world when encounters such as these go on everywhere without the media spotlight on them.  Is justice served evenly. No.  We are fallible humans.  But just keep in mind that no record was kept on black crime in one of our major cities until the 70's.  You can bet justice was not served for all those earlier decades.  That is just one example of injustice. There is a righteous rage for the innocent.  We've had a cousin murdered in the inner city in a black on white crime, but he was not innocent, though not deserving murder.  But the ultimate justice is not in this world.  We can only become the peaceable kingdom in the next world (We just saw that original picture in the Smithsonian recently.)  Until then, "can't we all get along" and grieve together?

Until the peaceable kingdom comes, the lion will kill the lamb.

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