Monday, August 12, 2013

Since I wrote my book about the Cherokees, "Nest," I have discovered more family who were there at that time and place in the late 1700's.  This is also the same setting that the Methodists held a camp meeting that I mentioned again in my blog recently.  One of the family was even killed by Indians when he became separated from my great-great-great-great grandfather as they were searching for the horses and cattle which they thought had wondered off in the cane brush.  As if leaving a warning, the Cherokee attacker left the tomahawk he used to kill with tucked under the poor man's saddle.  This tomahawk was handed down through the family until a house fire destroyed it after almost 200 years.  The father's Bible has survived and is in a museum.  If your house was on fire, would you grab the tomahawk or the family Bible to save, one a weapon of destruction, the other a means of salvation?  I hope the poor man who lost his scalp had been saved at the camp meeting. 

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