Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The difference in man
  and beast...

I think I have discovered the difference in man and beast.  Creatures don't pray, only we do.  Birds sing praises lustily to the sky, and dogs can grin and leap for joy when you arrive at the doorstep, but do they pray?  I'm pretty sure cats don't.  It's not in their snide nature when they bestow their favors upon you so that you may pet them: they seem to think they are goddesses in fur coats who grace us with their presence.  Yet, unless abused, creatures seem to trust for their provision. God knows when a sparrow falls: they seem to trust He cares and will lay them in a divine shoe box and give significance to their little death with curled toes before being laid to rest, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Does even a thought of gratitude slip out before the lion eats the prey?  I doubt it. But they will obey if God says to shut their lips if a Daniel lands in their hungry midst.  A huge fish will swallow a Jonah upon command even if it makes him retch.  A donkey can become bilingual speaking bray and Hebrew when God needs to correct someone bent on riding to destruction.  Does complete trust melt prayer into pure love?   Ask your dog.



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