Saturday, August 31, 2013


Today I will take a break from turning relatives over in their graves with my Kinfolk stories.  Rather, I stepped out from my study (my laptop/recliner combo), for a brief time with the twins this week, Avery & Ella and Addie & Ezra.  In our little church we have many who enter the ark two by two, twins:  Amy & Jamie; Avery & Ella; Ezra & Addie; Patty (Norma); David (his twin brother is deceased); and a couple of others who attend sometimes.  Wombmates!  In church we may not all be twins or kinfolk, yet we can have kindred spirits, filled with the Holy Spirit. We certainly aren't identical.  There's no card carrying membership required to get in; but if you leave, hearts are broken and prayers will follow you in a heart beat.  Some have moved, but many have dropped back to being under the influence-whatever the influence is that keeps you from being part of God's family.  Like a phantom pain, we still hurt for you when you are gone.  Y'all come back for a family reunion! 

"For both He who sanctifies and those who are sanctified
are all from one Father;
for which reason He is not ashamed 
to call them brethren..."
Hebrews 2:11 
Satan says, "Look at your sin."
God says, "Look at my Son."
"There's a reason He called us His body and not His estate...
A body is connected with sinew and veins,
and an estate is with fences and lines.
'You got to cut down the fences or you cut up the Body.'
Ann VosKamp


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