Saturday, September 28, 2013

From my devotional "Joy & Strength," by Tileston...

"Take heed, and be quiet; fear not, neither be faint hearted."
Isaiah 7:4

He looks like a little tree frog in the attic.
"Though everything without fall into confusion
and though thy body be in pain and suffering,
and thy soul in desolation and distress,
yet let thy spirit be unmoved by it all,
placid and serene, delighted in and with its God inwardly,
and with His good pleasure outwardly.
Gerhard Tersteegen
"...for His sake who suffers them to come,
gives a dignity, a purpose, nay, a very joy
to what otherwise is all cheerless annoyance."
H.L. Sidney Lear
I'm a poster child for post-shingles-neuralgia.  The onset wasn't too bad.  The lingering is exhausting.  One way to describe the pain is as if someone has tickled me for five months after I begged, "Stop!"  It's torture and I'm not laughing. Nerve pain is strange.  It wears me out. The doctor said the nerves heal a miniscule amount daily, at best.  If I'm in public, I pay for it.  Unless I dress loosely, I pay for it.  If I do a big shopping, I pay for it.  If I am with grandchildren, I pay for it. (I miss them.)
Another twig on the family tree
  Yet, I can count my blessings.  I have joy in writing my Kinfolk Stories and am able to be home and spend the time with what brings me pleasure.  I can find purpose in picking my way through God's construction zone in my life right now.  The "Slow Children at Play," sign is for me, any way you take it.

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