Saturday, September 7, 2013

My youngest always leaves a trail.  From the snack mess left out, to the dirty clothes and towels on the floor, toys sprinkled everywhere from his room to the garage to the yard like giant bread crumbs that make it easy to track his steps.  He's as predictable as a puppy makes puddles.  He can only absorb one command at a time like "G.I. Joe's" or "guns-in-yard" or "table" accompanied by vicious pointing at the condemning mess.   He even has to be told to wipe the Ranch dressing off his face, with a napkin, "No, not your shirt!"  We can't ever expect him to follow through with more than one step at a time.  A lecture would buzz around his head like flies that annoy but don't lite.  If unaccompanied in being sent to clean the dungeon, the garage, he will most likely come in with an armload of interesting things which have grabbed his attention instead.  The best we can hope for him is that he will marry a maid.  It's a good thing that he has such a disarming smile and sweet disposition.

Sometimes I can absorb only one command at a time myself.  It is easy to track my wanderings by my messes.  I get easily distracted by shiny things like the bear that stole the griddle still in the box off my brother's porch this week, as if it could fry up its own fish. 

No wonder my oldest's first sentence was, "Made a mess!" It must be my parenting style to always notice that sort of thing.  But that's the kind of prayer I have to offer God in confession often, "Made a mess."
  I don't want to take His hand so He can lead me back to point to my mess, but I need to.  Sometimes it's easier to throw a fit than do what is necessary.

"Telling an angry woman to calm down
works about as well as
baptizing a cat."
But God is longsuffering.  Take encouragement from the story of the restoration of the twins Jacob an Esau.  When Jacob came back with his accumulation and his brother urged him to hurry home,
he said, "I will proceed at my leisure...and according to the pace of the children..."
Genesis 33:14
Even Jacob understood, you can't hurry the kids all the time,
But take one step at a time. 
Attitude of gratitude today...
1.  He came home several days in a row from his new class to report a boy was annoying him and saying bad words to him.  Today he came home and happily reported that he had made friends with this kid.  Makes a mamma proud to sip the lemonade made from lemons your little boy squeezed all by himself.
2.  Dog sagas continue as we are adjusting to our new puppy and caring for our neighbor's dog while  she is in the hospital and her husband is stationed in Afghanistan.  Have to laugh along with God's sense of humor: "So, you like dogs, do you?"  I'm thankful for the reminder that some people have really bigger problems than my own.
3.    Thankful for a slower pace today, being able to leisurely write while still in my house robe with a puppy pulling on my belt, the borrowed dog chasing the cat, that is until the little twins come...and being thankful for them as well in all their adorableness.

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