Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Gnome and Grumpy the Dwarf have new additions to their family!
My daughter's family welcomed a new son today and for us, a new grandson.  He is four years old, one of Peter Pan's Lost Boys.  He will enjoy being read to, like Wendy read to them,  and playing with his new brother and sister like in the story of Peter Pan, and going on new adventures, but with no tick-tock crocs.  I don't know that they will sew it back on, but he will surely come with a shadow, a sad past.  He is a foster child being enfolded into their home.  The only trouble with foster children is that you can't keep them all.  Mine were certainly keepers.  He will have two parents, a brother and sister, a dog, a cat, and his own room, and a pool (with extra safety gates).  I don't know where he's coming from, but he's coming to a good home filled with love and a great big hug of an extended family.  Beep...Beep... Beep...this is an the emergency broadcasting system: two little sisters have joined the family as well.  Praise the Lord who hears the orphan's cry. 

"Thou hast been the helper of the orphan."
Psalm 10:14

  Attitude of Gratitude

1.  Seeing a heart beating, limbs waving then tucking up into a tiny bundle, a video of inside the womb to meet Tucker Scott Houser, our great grandson: his arrival date tba in February.

2. A one year old boy's glee whether opening toy trucks or a soft blankie, or eating his birthday cupcake.

3.   A puppy's heavy slumber after a busy day of play. 

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