Friday, October 11, 2013

A Barbie spa...
This might be my all-time favorite picture of my grandchildren--sorry Caitlin, Oliver's birthday card picture of the snails climbing up his chest is close....

Grandkids say and do the "darnedest things"...

Jane was playing she was Peter Pan: Laura was Wendy, Ben was Smee, Elizabeth was the servant Jane thought might come in handy, and Andrew?  Well, he was Tinkerbell, Tink with a beard!

Aiden is trying to figure out this foster kid routine.  He's been back and forth between home and foster homes too many times.  He asked Jimmy, "So how long do you think I will be here?  I've been here a lot of days."  Jimmy responded, "I hope a long time.  We love having you here.  Don't you want to stay here?"  "Nah, it's too far from the store."  Huh?  Actually he is a very happy 4 year boy in their home and much loved even if the store isn't around the corner.

There was a reason God did not want us to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Some thoughts are too difficult for us.  He wanted his children to be shielded and protected.  His thoughts are high above our thoughts.

We don't understand how dear friends are torn from us with an abrupt road trip across the country because the only ones in the whole wide world who can heal their son's heart condition--besides God--are in Boston.  So they are like Abraham, leaving their home to follow God.  Andrew and Amy have sold most of their early goods, left jobs, family and friends, their church to go into the unknown without jobs, home, family or friends, just God and God alone.  Their friends and church have been generous.  Yet, God chose to use an unexpected source of blessing.  Amy put a stroller for sale on craigslist.  A man came but couldn't fit it into his vehicle.  "My wife will come later to pick it up," but the man visited with them and heard their story.  The wife came and almost doubled the money she wanted to pay for the stroller and stayed to visit asking more questions about their grand adventure.  That night, the strangers called again and asked to meet Andrew and Amy in town.  They gave them a thousand dollars.  We don't understand but God does.  Every time they use that thousand dollar stroller, Jack will have more prayers, and these dear strangers will be reminded of the godly, obedient parents of Baby Jack.

God does the "darnedest things."


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