Thursday, October 17, 2013

Answered prayer...

I must confess, I do not have this prayer thing down.  I am not mighty in prayer.  I have been known to fall asleep in prayer and while doing so have prayed for "all the dogs in China."  The shortest verse in the Bible is "Jesus wept."  My shortest prayer is "God!" (Not in casual swearing, but in calling out for HELP!)   Fortunately, God is great and God is good.  After ripping the curtain in two in the Holy of Holies from top to bottom the moment when Jesus' agony on the cross was finished, God provided access into His very lap.

His answers to our prayers do not depend in our getting it right, into just the right formula, although Christ did give us the Lord's prayer to help us out.  The ones in the Upper Room didn't have it all together when the Holy Spirit came.  They happened to run out of their own strength, were scared to death, united in fear, and had nothing more to cling to but God and obedience to tarry.  Their emptiness made a place for God to fill.  Yet, in our humanness we sigh and say, "Alas, has it come to that?"  We would rather read another book on prayer or hear another sermon or attend another seminar than lay before Him empty.


So, I just crawled up on His lap with some heavy-heartedness and concerns and He read my mind as He held me with my inability to change circumstances or other's hearts or even to put it into the right words to plea for His help.  I don't have to eloquently explain it to God and lay out a three step plan for Him to accomplish.  A sigh while reclining completely on Him is sufficient.

He heard!  He answered!
Even unspoken prayer is heard by Him. 
 "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."




A favorite old hymn...
"Are you weary, are you heavy hearted?  Tell it to Jesus; tell it to Jesus.  Are you grieving over joys departed?  Tell it to Jesus alone.  Do the tears fall down your cheeks unbidden?  Tell it to Jesus; tell it to Jesus.  Have you sins that to men's eyes are hidden?  Tell it to Jesus alone.  Do you fear the gath'ring clouds of sorrow?  Tell it to Jesus; tell it to Jesus.  Are you anxious what shall be tomorrow?
Tell it to Jesus alone.  Tell it to Jesus; tell it to Jesus.  He is a friend that's well known!  You've no other such a friend or brother.  Tell it to Jesus alone."  Jeremiah Rankin, 1877.

"Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain you."
Psalm 55:22
"Just to leave in His dear hand
Little things;
All we cannot understand,
All that stings.
Just to let Him take the care
Sorely pressing,
Finding all we let Him bear
Changed to blessing."
Frances Havergal
It is a truth that when you climb up on the lap of God, He not only is able to hold you, but the burdens you bring there as well.
"O Blessed life!  the heart at rest
When all without tumultuous seems;
That trusts a higher Will, and deems
That higher Will, not mine, the best."
William Tidd Matson

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