Saturday, January 2, 2016

Night Hath No Wings
Night hath no wings to him that cannot sleep;
And Time seems then not for to flie, but creep;
Slowly her chariot drives, as if that she
Had broke her wheele, or crackt her axel-tree.
Just so it is with me, who, list'ning, pray
The winds to blow the tedious night away,
That I might see the cheerful peeping day..."

J. Herrick

Actually, I cannot relate too well as I usually hath no trouble sleeping.  But I lay beside one who does, who is an insanely early riser, one who lives to read his Greek and Hebrew Bibles.  It is a great achievement for him to sleep until 5:00 am and a downright celebration if he sleeps till 7:00 am .  He is my "night" in shining armor.

I zonk through his morning ablutions quite unaware. 
(That is one of Louis L'Amour's favorite words, "ablutions," not "zonk.")

 It is due in part to my late night ventures with books.  My holiday revelry consisted in staying up past 1:00 am  lost in novel thoughts.  However, the times I do find sleep without wings, thumping along on her broken chariot wheel, I take it as a call to pray.  God has my permission to wake me from my zonking sleep.

"At night my soul longs for Thee,
Indeed, my spirit within me
seeks Thee diligently."
Isaiah 26:9

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