Sunday, January 17, 2016


Flee as a bird to your mountain...

Oh, my goodness, we've just come upon one of my favorite Psalms.  I know I've written about it before.  I don't know why exactly, but it speaks to me, sings to me.   There is an old, old hymn called, "Flee as a bird to your mountain, thou who art weary of sin," fairly bursting with minor chords.  That creates a yearning in my soul, a pull on my heart strings that makes a mournful blue-grass melody just out of hearing with my physical ears, but not from deep within me.   As I've shared before, I wrote a poem about it once.

"Leave your perch,
The foundations are shaking.
Take feathered flight
On the wind of the storm.
Flee as a bird to your mountain.
Swift, pierce the blue,
The cloud curtain is rent in two.
Abide in the heavenlies
Where His throne rules.
Behold His face, small sparrow,
The wicked bend their bows.
Taunt, quivering arrow
Made ready.
But in shadow they dwell;
In darkness they shoot.
Take refuge
Oh, my trembling soul.

The old hymn goes like this...

Flee as a bird to your mountain, thou who art weary of sin;
Go to the clear flowing fountain where you may wash and be clean.
Haste, then, th'Avenger is near thee; call, and the Savior will hear thee;
He on His bosom will bear thee; O thou who art weary of sin,
O thou who art weary of sin.
He is the bountiful Giver, now unto Him draw near;
Peace then shall flow like a river, thou shalt be saved from thy fear.
Hark! 'tis the Saviour calling!  Haste! for the twilight is falling!
Flee, for the night is appalling!  And thou shalt be saved from thy fear.
And thou shalt be saved from thy fear.
He will protect thee forever, wipe every falling tear;
He will forsake thee, O never, sheltered so tenderly there.
Haste, then, the hours are flying, spend not the moments in sighing,
Cease from your sorrow and crying: The Saviour will wipe every tear,
The Saviour will wipe every tear.
Come, then, to Jesus, Thy Saviour, He will redeem thee from sin;
Blest with a sense of His favor, make thee all-glorious within!
Call, for the Saviour is near thee, waiting in mercy to hear thee,
He by His presence will cheer thee, O thou who art weary of sin.
O thou who art weary of sin.

If I were more techy, I could attach the U-tube video of Cynthia Clawson singing this haunting melody.  I encourage you to google it.  It is so very beautiful and may the words and melody linger in your heart and mind for years like it has mine since my mother played it for me nearly fifty years ago.

Getting back to Psalm 11, actually it is thought that David's friends were urging him to flee from the fury of King Saul.  However, David sought his refuge in God alone.
"In the Lord I take refuge;
How can you say to my soul,
'Flee as a bird to your mountain; (v.1)
The Lord is in His holy temple;
the Lord's throne is in heaven;
His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men. (v. 4)
For the Lord is righteous;
He loves righteousness;
The upright will behold His face. (verse 7)"
What a beautiful picture of trust, especially of one who has had to constantly flee as David did.
The conclusion of the psalm, "The upright will behold His face," is so comforting.  It is not the upright "might," but "will" behold His face.  This is confidence in the face of another reality...

"For behold, the wicked bend the bow,
They make ready their arrow upon the string,
To shoot in darkness at the upright in heart."
(verse 2)
David did not allow fear to rule Him.  His comfort, his confidence, his refuge was in God alone who would someday cup David's face in His hands and loving search the utter trust in his countenance,
and smile.


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