Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Snippet from a Long Song: PSALM 37 continued...

Boy, David sure had his troubles against the wicked.  It is in psalm after psalm.  Some seasons of life are like that.  But it is never without a happy ending because God is there.

I may be repeating myself, but I had an encounter with the wicked the first week we moved to a pastorate in Yreka, California.  My husband left early in the morning to go deer hunting with a friend.  Later, I got up and began scrambling eggs for my two little ones.  Standing there in my robe I heard a loud snore. 
Sure enough, a young man, a complete stranger, was passed out in our guest room off the kitchen.  Dried blood was all over his face.  Then I remembered that I had heard the sound of fighting in the apartments behind our fence during the past night.  Evidently he crashed on our couch.

My husband had taken the car, but I found the church van keys, grabbed my two preschool kids and a play rifle made out of a real gun stock to use as a club if needed.  We drove down the block to a hall where people were setting up for a wedding.  Since this was the days before a cell phone, I called the police from there.

I waited out by the street in the van while the police rousted the man from my house.  But they waved me over.  I had to come over, still in my robe, and the officer said, "Tell him."  I asked, "Tell him what?"  This long haired hippie type guy with a criminal record and known to the police was glaring murder at me as if I was the one with the problem.  The policeman said, "Tell him he's under arrest."  They made me do a citizens arrest.  I had to say the words, "You're under arrest."

I guess they thought it funny that the new pastor's wife arrested a man for breaking and entering so they put it in the paper.  They all thought it was pretty funny down at the police department too.  I was the brunt of the joke.  Well, somehow it hit the AP wires and went all over California and beyond. Friends began calling from all over the country asking what happened.  Well, for goodness sakes, have you ever done a citizens arrest while standing in your bathrobe facing the wicked? 

He looked very much like this.
"The wicked plots against the righteous
And gnashed at him with his teeth
(yes, that's what he was doing).
The Lord laughs at him
For He sees his day is coming."
(verse 12-13)

I guess God got a kick out of it too and laughed
right in his face.  I would guess that he was none too
happy to be arrested by a twenty-something woman in
a bathrobe.

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