Monday, May 14, 2018

Lost in the pages...

Just a little deviation from the Psalms today...
"And there are also many other things which Jesus did,
which if they were written in detail,
I suppose that even the world itself
would not contain the books
that would be written."
John 21:25

John wrote this as his closing verse in his gospel.  He was done.  But there was so much more out there.  In fact, I do believe that when we let Jesus out into the world, as God did, there are not enough books with enough themes to describe this world He has created, played in, suffered in, and loved us in. 

Isn't it interesting that when God wanted to speak to the world, of course we remember He sent His Son, but the rest of the time, He put a pen in someone's hand.  Perhaps literature is born there in the not - enough - books - to - contain, in a very loosely drawn out meaning.  Of course, the best Book is the plum line for all I read.  But in God's infinite creation, there is so much more that has sprung forth in what God has made.

If books were food, I would be at least 300 pounds.  Perhaps I'll be one of those who must be lifted by a crane out of my piles of books having never been outside of my bed of leafs for ages.  

 I am an unrepentant book drunk.  I consume books. 

I am an avid reader.  I love the ones that make history come alive.  I especially like the ones that suddenly make me erupt in a belly laugh or at least a crooked smile.  I suck in my breath when beauty is expressed in delicate, elegant, exquisite words, or chortle at cowboy humor.  I. Love. To. Read. 

Just a little hint at a few new favorite authors:  Catherine Palmer has written sumptuous fiction in the Jane Austen-like regency era (one of my very favorite eras for fiction), a trilogy, "The Affectionate Adversary," "The Courteous Cad," and "The Bachelor's Bargain."  

 Just as I had to overcome my distaste for Amish fiction, so too I had a distaste for modern romance Christian novels.  I must confess, that I now dabble in those as well with authors such as Becky Wade, Lisa Wingate, Debra Clopton, Denise Hunter, Sharon Gillenwater, Bethany Pierce, Catherine Armstrong, and of course, Karen Kingsbury.   I know I am leaving a few out, but that is enough to get you started, if you please.

I try to limit my reading to the free to $1.99 ebooks available on the daily specials offered by CBD. I still occasionally add to my ridiculously full library of books when I find books I can't resist at Goodwill or other thrift stores.  Yet, when I get a taste of an author I like, I must confess, I go and search; and when I find more by said author, I bend my rules and purchase them even at a less than inexpensive manner.  I have nearly given up all my other shopping except the bare necessity of buying groceries at Walmart.  I primarily feed my hunger for books.

I can see things so much better from
the vantage point of books.


This is the future me.

Alas, my husband indulges me with Sees candy and ebooks.  My dog has accommodated me as well as being my blog buddy, my constant companion sitting by me as I read on my laptop. 

In fact, no one else is allowed to sit close beside me, but my dog.  If they do, it brings great confusion and consternation upon my pet, so that she doesn't quite know what to do.  Grandchildren and even my spouse have been routed by this canine in order to regain her proper place in our little world.

Books will not leaf me alone!

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