Thursday, February 4, 2016

He asked life of Thee
Thou dost give it to him.
Length of days forever and ever.
His glory is great through Thy salvation,
Splendor and majesty Thou dost place upon him.
For Thou dost make him most blessed forever;
Thou dost make him most blessed forever;
Thou dost make him joyful
with gladness in Thy presence.
For the King trust in the Lord,
And through the lovingkindness of the Most High
he will not shaken."
"What tongue can express the 'glory, honor, and majesty;'
with which the kingdom of righteousness and peace
was invested upon His ascension,
when He took possession of
the throne prepared for Him,
and received the homage of heaven and earth."
Dr. Horne
"Thou dost place upon him (NASV)
"Hast Thou laid upon him." (KJV)
'fitted to him, or upon him'
Hebrew signifies
'made it adequate to him
'Thou hast given him a large and noble soul.'
(Matt Poole)
Psalm 21:6
"most blessed"
"Thou has set him to be blessings forever."
"All the nations shall be blessed by you."
(Galatians 3:8)
"gladden him with joy
made very glad or very happy
"God being pleased with his obedience
"fullness of joy and at His right hand
where are pleasures evermore."
Psalm 21:7
"Mercy is favor"
"His throne established,
He Himself would live a life of
integrity, purity and prosperity.
"Nothing can shake a hope of heaven
that is founded on his gracious promises as
through a Saviour."
"For the King trusted in the Lord. a true king and leader
was a master in the use of weapons,
and could handle well the shield of faith,
for he has set us an example of amazing confidence in God.
He felt safe in his father's care...
He knew he was always heard in heaven.
Through the mercy of the most high
He shall not be moved."

Oh how our prayer should be for the leader of our nation,
the current and the future elected,
that he would be one to trust in the Lord.
You know there is no other King. 
 Foolish, foolish people who chanted,
"We have no king but Caesar."
What a silly, silly thing to say. 
I stood on a railroad rail once to see a presidential candidate, George W. Bush who stood on the back of a parked rail car.  It was hard to balance while looking to see him.  You know, even being close enough to touch him, is nothing compared to being close to the King of Kings.   I can touch Him through worship.  I can touch Him through prayer.  In fact, He has invited me to His house.  I feel safe in my Father's care.  I know I am heard in heaven through the mercy of Him who sits in the mercy seat.  He will live forever and ever because no nail on a cross could kill Him.  "His glory is great through salvation.  Splendor and majesty Thou dost place upon Him." Blessings upon blessings with joy and gladness. 

I think I just ran out of words...

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