Saturday, February 13, 2016


Happy Valentines Day.
I am eating my way through my third 2 pound box of See's Dark Chocolate Candy
since Christmas.  Of course the newest box is for Valentines.
My husband insists I am the only one who can partake of its deliciousness.
He used his GPS on his phone to find a Sees Candy Store in Sacramento.
Before, it was Chico.  He's on a Sees Candy Mission!
It's indulgent.
I'm spoiled,
I know.
My heart
sings in dark chocolate.

A little Valentine from the Psalms
"The Lord is my strength and shield;
My HEART trusts in Him,
and I am helped;
Therefore my HEART exults,
And with my song I shall thank Him...
"Be their shepherd also,
and carry them forever."
(verses 7 & 9)

Is there true love without trust? 
 Isn't that just called using one another, abusing each other?
There is withholding, protecting, shielding away from hurt.
Rather, David says that instead of shielding away from His love,
God is his shield.
His heart trusts.
He is helped.
This I the kind of love that makes the heart sing.
Then the tender picture that David was so familiar with,
the shepherd who carried his lambs.
held close to his heart.
in essence,
Be Mine.
Be held.

They said we'd never last.
They took bets on how long we'd stay married.
He likes my little stories, is my biggest fan!
Hope you enjoy the fiction I posted today for your
valentines enjoyment.
The queen and her man.
He can make her laugh.

Nobody bought you roses or chocolate?
Go buy it for yourself
and thank the Lover of your soul!
Tell Him I sent you.

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