Saturday, March 19, 2016

A day in the life of...

One of my daughters is sick.  She has been hospitalized before with an infection going sepsis.  Earlier in the week I spent one day watching her four little busy ones so she could rest hoping the strong antibiotics she was on would do the trick.  My husband even came by after work to play with the grandkids.  Six year old Jane told her mom after he left, "I was telling grandpa my chicken stories, but he got bored and had to go home and take a nap."  He would have been glad to listen to more of her endless chicken stories, but she was right.  He did go home and take a nap.

I told my daughter to call me day or night if she needed to go to the ER.  I had a restless night worrying and praying for her.  The next night she did call at 10:30 PM.  Her husband stayed with their children as I took her in.  She was worse.  We didn't get home until after 6AM the next morning.

Our local hospital has spent $$$ on remodeling and expanding.  Having lived in this community for twenty plus years, having had six children and eighteen great and grandkids, I have been in the E.R. countless times.  However, I'd just set a new record for the length of time I'd been able to stay out of it.  The entrance has changed, but the wait time is about the same.  At least there weren't any beds in the hallways like there used to be: me and mine have had to wait in the hallways, myself waiting for an appendectomy and my child seeing things he shouldn't have to see with an out-of-his-gourd patient next to him constantly exposing himself .  This time I didn't know where they hid the bodies.  Except for that, it all looked the same.  I joked that maybe they had spent the money on  new bed curtains or new sheets. 
No, it wasn't this bad.

Finally, an EMT who was also a volunteer fireman with my son-in-law took me on a tour of the new wing where I saw all kinds of empty beds.  While my daughter was being treated, at least six different police or sheriff officers four different occasions strolled in looking for whom to arrest.  One patient was in handcuffs.  A grateful staff even joked, "Thanks for choosing Rideout Emergency" in a sing-song voice.  Since another daughter had worked in this E.R. for a time, I knew that this was the crazy norm.

Another time just through the curtain we could hear a very nice doctor doing a, shall we say, below the belt exam on an Alzheimer's patient.  When it was all said and done, the poor man said, "So, what line of work are you in, sir?"  Umm.  I guess he thought the doc was a plumber perhaps checking his pipes.

Nevertheless, after two IV bags with antibiotics and anti-nausea meds, they sent our daughter home.  While there, I managed to be wide awake in our version of a slumber party with only one of us in bed.  We laughed about the many various trips our family has made to this hospital.  I even had time to read an entire book I had remembered to bring along to pass the time.  And yes, I am thankful for nice doctors and nurses and even for our lowly hospital.  All this without our favorite nurse attending who was busy having a baby.  

I wish...

After I got home, I posted my daily blog then went to bed.  I had three good hours of sleep before a teacher called from my son's school claiming he had pink-eye.  I was lectured on how contagious pink-eye was, etc.  I think I was nice.  I hope I was nice, but since we had been over this last week with a rushed trip to check on him when his eyes were perfectly fine, I said that I was not coming to pick him up unless an adult saw either goop or crust in his eyes.  End of story.  Itchy eyes from Spring allergies did not count. So, I did not have to get up and take him to Urgent Care for meds.  I just wasn't into waiting to see the doctor.  I had already reached my quota for the past 24 hours.  I cancelled the dog grooming appointment and went back to luscious sleep. 
Love the PBS Civil War hospital series Mercy Street...

So, how was your day?

 I will borrow just one verse from the next psalm, Psalm 46...

"God will help her when the morning dawns."
(verse 5)
Yep.  That about sums it up,
and yes, she's getting better, thank you.

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