Friday, April 29, 2016


I woke up with heaviness, the burden, near constant prayer for our nation which is facing an election.  This psalm is about when David finally came to power.  The first thing he does is give thanks.  Then he chides those who do not reverence God who alone grants governments their power, "those who assume their authority and influence came by their own merit and for them they were accountable to none." (Adam Clarke) David affirms he will judge uprightly, rectify disorders.

"We give thanks to Thee, O God, we give thanks,
For thy name is near;
Men declare Thy wondrous works.
When I select an appoint time,
It is I who judge with equity.
The earth and all who dwell in it will melt;
It is I who have firmly set its pillars."
"God votes for us, the devil votes against us.  We cast the deciding vote."

"But God is the Judge;
He puts down one,
and exalts another."
(verse 6)

I pray for a godly one to rule.  That is our choice before us.  People vote for their pocketbook when we should vote for a godly ruler, one who takes a stand for righteousness, for the unborn.  The next leader's biggest influence will be the appointment of the Supreme Court justices.  We have before us those who face criminal charges, one who claims to be a Christian but has no idea what repentance is, the one who brags about his adultery, whose third wife has posed for porn (naked on the cover of GQ magazine), the one who has no moral compass thus his opinions blow with the wind, yet evangelicals line up behind him.  To me it is incomprehensible.  God will allow us to drink from the cup we have chosen.  Woe to us. 


"For a cup is in the hand of the Lord,
and the wine foams;
It is well mixed, and He pours out of this;
Surely all the wicked of the earth must drain
and drink down its dregs."
(verse 8)

I do not drink.  I will soon visit them-thar hills  in Tennessee where my great-great grandpa hid his stills from the revenuers, the brew that kept him and his under the influence, that almost caused him to kill a man over them.  We will soon visit the place where even the relatives who were considered well established in the late 1700's to early 1800's left their stills in their will to their descendants.  However, there is a cup that all must partake.  It is passed down through all generations, around to each and everyone of us, straight from God's hand.   

 "The Psalmist uses an elegant comparison, comparing God to the master of a feast, who invites and entertains all kinds of men at his table; who has a cup of mixed wine in his hand, by which he  represents the miseries of this life.  To all God reaches this cup; and every one drinks of it, some more, some less...The wine is red, He gives to all; some even to his own children.  All must drink of this cup.  But the...dregs of it all the wicked of the earth shall wring out.  Those who are incorrigible have afflictions without benefit...On them God's judgments fall without mitigation." (Adam Clarke)

Matthew Henry says, "He, who is infinitely wise, holy, and good, has power to set up and put down whom, and when, and how he pleases.  That from God alone all must receive their doom (v.8): In the hand of the Lord there is a cup, which he puts into the hands of the children of men, a cup of providence mixed up of many ingredients.  The sufferings of Christ are called a cup, (Matthew 20:22; John 17:11)  The cup is red, denoting the wrath of God, which is infused into the judgments executed on sinners.  It is red as fire for it burns.  It is full of mixture.  There are mixtures of mercy and grace in the in the cup of affliction when it is put into the hands of God's own people, mixtures of the curse when it is put into the hands of the wicked; it is wine mingled with gall.  Some drops of this wrath may light on good people; they have their share in common calamities; but the dregs of the cup are reserved for the wicked. The calamity itself is but the vehicle into which the curse is infused...but the sediment is pure wrath, and that shall fall to the share of sinners." 

"But as for me,
I will declare it forever;
I will sing praises to the God of Jacob."
(verse 9)

This is the cup believed to have belonged to Gorm of Old,
the first Viking king, the one who we trace our ancestry to.

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