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Some, such as Simon de Muis have said, "It is one of the most excellent works of this kind which has ever appeared.  It is impossible to imagine any thing more solid, more beautiful, more profound, or more ornamented.  Could the Latin, or an modern language, express thoroughly all the beauties and elegancies as well of the words as of the sentences, it would not be difficult to persuade the reader that we have no poem, either in Greek or Latin, comparable to this Hebrew ode."

And what an ode it is!  Such an invitation to a loving trust in an awesome God.  Yet, if I begin with verse 14, it becomes almost a love story such as a maiden could ever hope for being rescued and kept in safety by her glorious knight.  This commentary, Adam Clarke's, was written in the 1700's and my issue is a frail copy from the 1800's, now coming apart while I am using it, and has the portion especially marked on verse 14, a mark which I've not seen elsewhere in the book.  So that's where I'll begin., and save the rest for another post...

"Because (she) hath set (her) love upon Me,
therefore will I deliver (her); 
I will set (her) on high, because (she) hath known My name. "

"Because (she) hath set (her) love upon me"
"Here the Most High is introduced as confirming the word of His servant. 
(my capitalization).
Now, that's a beauty!  Let's go back slowly and see, how can that be?

"You will tread upon the lion and cobra,
The young lion and the dragon--(hmm)
you will trample down.
This is a hint of St. George and the dragon he slew to free a maiden in distress.
(verse 13)

There are not too many knights walking our neighborhoods clanking around in their armor,
but I would like to highlight two knights in shining armor who were riding their bikes in Stanford, who refused to ride by a maiden in distress who was being attacked while she was unconscious.  One stayed with her while the other chased the attacker down and held him until the police came.  The attacker is a golden boy who the judge is protecting with a ridiculously light sentence so that he will probably only end up serving three months behind bars so he can be free to continue with his university athletic career.  Meanwhile the lady goes home to lie down on her bed and stare up at the pictures she drew of two bicycles taped to her ceiling to remind her of her rescuing knights.  Her life may have been shattered, but these modern day knights have given a ray of hope in a dark world, not just to her, but to all of us as well.

Verse 15 affirms this...
"(She will call upon Me, and I will answer (her),
and I will be with (her);
I will be with (her) in trouble (distress);
I will rescue (her), and honor (her)."

"He has fixed His love--His heart and soul upon Me."
O, embrace such a love that He offers you.

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