Monday, June 20, 2016


Since being back from our trip to Tennessee, my man's been putting you-tube videos of Bluegrass music on the television.  At one gathering we viewed, an afflicted man stood to give a word.  He said that he had a piece of property up there in heaven.  His daddy and mama were already there.  But down here below, God was in the kitchen and still had him in the oven.  He wasn't through working on him here.  When God would finally take him out of the oven, He would say, "Well done..."

Well here below we need to have that long view.  God made all there is and is in control.  He doesn't need much help from little old us.  In fact, we are His workmanship, clay in His hands
whether flawed or flexible.  It is about Him.  How did we forget that in this ego-centric world? 

In fact, all of us are running around like a world full of toddlers, pint-size kings, despots wearing paper crowns and training pants who think we are in charge, not sharing toys, demanding our own way, fighting over favorite playthings.  Toddlers are cute, but more often than not, do not play well with others.  Yes, I was a preschool teacher.

What must God think? "He is no idle Spectator of things below.  Dominion is His," says Adam Clarke, and "He has supreme power...There never was a time in which God did not reign; in which He was not a supreme and absolute Monarch."  Nowadays, the only time we use the term "supreme," is when we order a burrito.  This is a good reminder of what our Supreme Ruler is like.

"The Lord reigns
 (has assumed kingship,)
He is clothed with majesty;
The Lord has clothed and girded Himself with strength;
Indeed the world is firmly established, it will not be moved.
Thy throne of old is established from of old;
Thou art from everlasting."
(verses 1-2)

Matthew Henry says, "The Lord reigns gloriously.  He is clothed with majesty."  Not only that, but "He reigns powerfully.  He is not only clothed with majesty, as a prince in his court, but He is clothed with strength, as a general in the camp.  He has wherewithal to support His greatness and to make it truly formidable. See Him not only clad in robes, but clad in armour.  With this power He has girded Himself; it is not derived from any other, nor does the executing of it depend upon any other.  The world is established by the creating power of God, when He founded it upon the seas; it is still so...and, if He established the world, much more will He establish His church, that it cannot be moved."

"The world is fixed, firm, and everlasting kingdom, from everlasting to everlasting."
(Adam Clarke)

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