Friday, June 24, 2016

PSALM 94 continued...

I like salt water taffy.  It's usually gluten-free, ya know.  I have to keep eating it to decide which flavor I like best, then I have to go back and eat some more to make sure.  Reading the Psalms can be kinda like that. This part is sweet!  So let's unwrap it and see what you think...

"If the Lord had not been my help,
My soul would soon have dwelt in the abode of silence."
(verses 17)
Hmm.  It's been awhile since I have dwelt in the abode of silence.  It's ridiculous that I have had so much to say in the past five years with 1755 posts, with more than 45,600 views, 1,400 last month alone.  Actually, I couldn't do it if the Lord had not been my help because I must offer His Word in every post.  Without that, it wouldn't be worth spit. But it's sorta the same thing that I'd rather post and send messages than talk on the phone.  It's not that  I don't care about people, but I tend to slip back into the quiet zone.  The main thing here is that the Lord is my help.  His Word is always there when my soul cries, "Help!"

  "If I should say, 'My foot has slipped,'
Thy lovingkindness, O Lord,
will hold me up.
When my anxious thoughts multiply within me,
Thy consolations delight my soul."
(verses 18-19)
This verse begins with an encouragement for us clumsies out there.  Umm, I'm thinking of my stop, drop, and roll down the trail above the river cliff when my foot slipped.  I'm thinking about the ladder I climbed to straddle the wobbling fence to stand on the wobbling potting bench I wanted moved this week.  My anxious thought about that was, "Am I stupid or what?"  So, I climbed down and got my husband to do it.  I'm nice like that. 

The good news is that God can be my soul delight.  He consoles me with delight.  Delight means to take great pleasure or satisfaction.  Adam Clarke says, "...while I have been deeply meditating on Thy wondrous grace and mercy, Divine light has broken in upon my soul, and I have been filled with delight." 

Matthew Henry says, "In the multitude of my thoughts within me, crowding and jostling one another like a multitude, thy comforts delight my soul; silence my unquiet thoughts and keep my mind easy.  God's comforts will reach the soul, and not the fancy only, and will bring with them that peace and that pleasure which the smiles of the world cannot give and which the frowns of the world cannot take away."

"But the Lord has been my stronghold,  
And my God the rock of my refuge."
(verse 22)
MY stronghold.
MY God.
My refuge.

He's taking this a little personally I'd say, wouldn't you?  He's also speaking from experience, "the Lord has been..."  As for the other guys, in spite of their thrones of destruction (verse 20) and though they have banded together against the life of the righteous (verse 21), He has brought back their wickedness upon them and will destroy them in their evil (verse 23). 


Or a translation of the old Psalter says,  "Alswa say efter their il entent, that thai wil do gude men harme; he sall yelde thaim pyne, and in their malice thai sall be sundred fra the hali courts of hevene, and skatred emang the wiked fendes of hell."  Or my translation:  ...after their ill intent, that they will do good men harm, He shall yield them pain, and in their malice they shall be sundered from the holy courts of heaven, and scattered among the wicked fiends of hell.  Ooo.  That one is a little spicy!

"Iniquity is daring enough even when human laws are against it, which often prove too weak to give an effectual check to it; but how insolent, how mischievous, is it when it is backed by a law!  These workers of iniquity condemn the innocent...See an instance in Daniel's enemies; they framed mischief by a law when they obtained an impious edict against prayer, and when Daniel would not obey it, condemned his innocent blood to the lions."  (Matthew Henry) We know how that turned out.  I mention this because laws are being passed which are intended to tie the hands of Christians, their businesses, churches, and their institutions such as pro-life clinics, colleges, etc.
Yet in spite of this, "He is the rock of my refuge, in the clefts of which I may take shelter, and on the top of which I may set my feet, to be out of the reach of danger." (Matthew Henry)


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