Monday, June 27, 2016



"Sing to the Lord a new song;
Sing to the Lord, all the earth.
Sing to the Lord, bless His name;
Proclaim  (shew forth) good tidings
of His salvation from day to day."
(verses 1-2)

O sing, sing, sing,
"To the honour of the Trinity.

"A song of peculiar excellence...He has done extraordinary things for us, 
and we should excel in praise and thanksgiving...The song to be sung must be new. 
New, for a new benefit;
--new, to be sung by a new people;
--new, as being on a most excellent subject."
(Adam Clarke)

"Three times we are here called to sing unto the Lord;
that is, 'Bless His name, speak well of Him, that you may bring others to think well of Him.' 
A new song is a product of new affections."
(Matthew Henry)

Early Blue Grass Singers, the Carter Family,
June Carter Cash's mother, aunt, and uncle:
we accidently came across their place tucked way back in a holler in Hilton, Virginia.

I've about given up on becoming part of a Gospel Blue Grass Band to sing, sing, sing in harmony, but I still must have a new song every single day.  No exception.  This means, I must go before God in His Word and receive something new and fresh everyday, like the quail and manna in the desert, sustenance.  As I've shared before, my cousin's discipline for her children when they were young was to send them to their room, and they couldn't come out until they had a song in their heart and a smile on their face.  That would be a good discipline for us as well.

Then if we are singing, somebody might hear.  We are told to proclaim, to shew forth, to declare His salvation.  This is one way to make it new, to be sung by a new people.  As I sat writing at my laptop while a couple of boys were playing crazy games on the Xbox in the living room with my son, I was struck by the fact that though most all his neighborhood friends  are Christian, here sat one young man with no Christian background whatsoever, a heathan. 

So, what is our responsibility?  To shew forth, to declare, or to at least invite him again to church.  This is a young man who just showed up one day on his bike with a backpack, one who had ridden in from somewhere, I'm not quite sure where or how he found our house.  He seems like a nice, polite kid.  But what about his future, his eternal future?   I tried to at least sweeten the pot by saying he could sit with our son in the sound room where he runs to the power point for the service (not bad for a kid who barely has a fifth grade reading level).  So far, he has not been allowed by his parents whom we have not met, but we will not give up.  (I will also remind the boys of their responsibility to be good witnesses by not cheating on their video games ganging up on him.)

The other way the song will be sung new is that the depth of God's most excellent subject can never be fully explored.  It is deeper than the deepest depths of the ocean or the vastest reaches of the mysteries of the universe.  He is unfathomable.  His mercies are new every morning, every single, morning.  Think of it as God gleefully waiting until we wake up to show us something brand new every day, one of His treasures.  What if we shrug Him off, don't make time to listen, to see.  Sometimes what He shows us is a pinprick of light in dark times we are walking in when we would rather walk alone.   Maybe it is as far away as a twinkling star.  Maybe He sits there with His hand on the lightswitch just waiting.  Sometimes it is a joy about to burst us so wide open that we cannot contain it.  Whatever it is, it is something to be sung about. 

Well, there's a lot more coming in this Psalm, but I need to think on this some more, about sing, sing, singing, to get in harmony with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Now there's a band to join! 


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