Thursday, July 7, 2016

This is a basic course of life 101. 
"I will sing of lovingkindness (mercy) and justice,
To Thee, O Lord, I will sing praises."
(verse 1)
We are finding out in these turbulent times that we can not put our trust in a nation for justice.  We need to flip a coin and read once again, "In God We Trust."  It's even on the dollar bill to remind us not to put our trust in riches, but in trusting God.  We used to be called a Christian nation, but sadly, no more.  Yet we may still have a song in our heart to sing of the lovingkindness or mercy of our God.  There will be ultimate justice.  God does not close His eyes.
Matthew Henry says, "God's providences concerning His people are commonly mixed --mercy and judgment;  God has set the one over-against the other, and appointed them April-days, showers and sunshine.  Whatever our outward condition neither the laughter of a prosperous condition nor the tears of an afflicted condition must put us out of tune for sacred songs."


In the last psalm we were told to, as translated by the Anglo-Scottish Version of the 100th Psalm,
"Enters in His sight with joying."
"I will give heed to the blameless way.
When wilt Thou come to me?
I will walk within my house in the integrity of my heart."
(verse 2)
This reminds me of Job's words...
"Till I die I will not put away my integrity from me.
I hold fast my righteousness and will not let it go.
My heart does not reproach any of my days."
(Job 27: 5-6)
Integrity is what a person does even when no one is looking.


The KVJ says, "'I will behave myself wisely.'  "God's law prescribes a perfect way in life: in this perfect way I have professed to walk, and I must act wisely in order to walk in it.   'When wilt Thou come to me?  I can neither walk in this way, nor grow wise unto salvation, unless Thou come unto me by Thy grace and Spirit; for without Thee I can do nothing.  'I will walk within my house.'  It is easier for most men to walk with a perfect heart in the church or even in the world, than in their own families.  How many are as meek as lambs among others, when at home they are wasps or tigers!  The man who, in the midst of family provocations, maintains a Christian character, being meek, gentle, and long-suffering to his wife, his children, and his servants, has got a perfect heart,
and adorns the doctrine of God his Saviour in all things." (Adam Clarke)

The original 'I will set myself to walk,' --I will make it a determined point thus to walk.  I will bear and forbear with children, servants, etc., and not speaking rashly, nor giving way to bad tempers.  Through various motives a man well behave with propriety and decorum among others; but none of these motives operate in his own house, where he feels himself master, and consequently under no restraint.'" (Adam Clarke)


Matthew Henry calls this, "David's mercy and judgment; he would, in this psalm, promise to be merciful, and just.  Family-mercies and family -afflictions are both of them calls to family religion."

Actually it is a strain to act one way in one place, and to act in a different way in another, sea-sawing back and forth.  That is a man with a divided heart.  Can we truly love God if we only give Him just a part of our heart?  Can we do that with our spouse and expect wedded bliss if we have only given a part of our heart?  We must have singleness of heart and have complete devotion to God by asking, "When wilt Thou come to me?"  As a result, in His mercy, He will bring grace and His Spirit to empower us to be like Him and to walk as His children.

Can you guess which one is the most like their grandmother?
The others, well, not so much.  But all bring such joy even though we were challenged to the max.

My mother was such a saint, that even before she became saved at the age of four, I think she was an angel.  So years of a life totally given to God and a sweetness of her nature made her uncommonly gracious.  My girls and I have a habit of looking for other relatives who have that gentleness of spirit and agree that a niece is so very like my mother as well.  Now we are looking at our grandchildren and there are those who are uncommonly sweet, but most of them are like the rest of us, real characters that God has His work cut out for us.  Nevertheless, we will determine to "walk within our house in the integrity of our heart."  It is the greatest blessing of my life to have children who have committed to walk in such a way with integrity within their homes.




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