Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"Thou answeredst them, O Lord our God 
Thou wast a God that forgavest them."
(verse 8)

My five year old grandson puts on the "burn."  When he gets mad at you, he stays mad and tries to think of something, anything mean he can say to make you feel bad too.  He once told his mother after she disciplined him, "I'm never getting married, so you won't have any grandkids, so you'll never be a grandma!"  More recently he told his Grandma Sue after she had to take something away from him that he wanted, that his threatening pinch on each of her arms were two black widows biting her.  When he was naughty at his sisters' softball game by not sharing his little chair with his two year old cousin--he only wanted to sit in it when the toddler tried to sit in it.  After several times of running over to hurry to get in the seat before his cousin did, I told him that I was going to take his sucker away if he would not share.  He didn't, I did.  He refused to give up his chair, but sat thinking of something he could say to me more than the usual, "You're not my grandma, only she (Grandma Sue) is."  So finally he slapped one of his Legos in my hand and said, "Here!   This is a fake Lego!"  What punishment indeed!

God however is longsuffering.  "God spared them; but shewed His displeasure at their misdoings.  He chastised, but did not consume them.  His enemies have everything to fear; while his friends have everything to hope." (Adam Clarke)  He is a God who forgives better than a five year old.


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