Friday, August 5, 2016

PSALM 107 continued...

"Let the redeemed of the Lord say so,
Whom He has redeemed from the hand of the adversary,
And gathered from the lands,
From the east and from the west,
From the north and from the south."

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I don't do reunions very often, but when I do, I've enjoyed them.  I don't do high school reunions.
I haven't been to college reunions.  However, I've been to a couple of family reunions of the Robinson, Wise, Welch clan which were wonderful.  One was near Georgetown, Texas where we were able to tour the home my great-great grandparents built, where their guest, Sam Houston, would fail to scrape off his dirty boots much to my great-great grandmother's chagrin.  There's a reunion I'm looking forward to, the big one of all my Christian family, the one in the sweet by and by where we shall gather by the river.

These verses have multiple meanings, that of those who were scattered during the captivity in Babylon, and those "Jews who were  returned from various parts of the world, under the reigns of Darius, Artaxerxes, and Alexander the Great; yet this prophecy has its completion only under the Gospel, when all the ends of the earth hear the salvation of God." (Adam Clarke)  I also believe it is the hint of that grand reunion in the sky. 

When we went to that great reunion in Texas, we went by Greyhound.  Oh my!  I can't believe my Aunt Celia went with us.  What an experience!  Did you know that certifiably crazy people and criminals ride those buses?  They even talked about their crimes where we could hear them.  If you ever wondered how some of the rest of the world lives, you know, the ones you hope never come to your family reunion, just ride a Greyhound bus.  After our ankle-swelling trip, we arrived in downtown San Antonio.  Thank goodness that even in the inner city there we felt safer than on the bus.  What a beautiful city it was. 

"The captives also who were called to gather had their own experiences to tell in order to come back home:
1. That they wandered.  No small discomfort for an ingenious native to go from place to place as a vagrant.  God's people were for a time pilgrims...
2.  The place adds to their misery...while they travelled through the wilderness."
3.  Hungry and thirsty.  And the famine was so great, that their souls, that is, their life, was ready to faint...They cried.  In their petition they were very earnest; it was no cold prayer, which froze on the way before it got to heaven; but fervent.

1.Captives: they were taken by the enemy, put in dungeons and prisons, where they were debarred the comfort of the sun.  For they sat in darkness, etc. And in fear of death. (Luke 1:79 'To shine upon those who sat in darkness and the shadow of death.")
2. Besides in this place, they were fast bound with affliction, because of their rebellion against the Lord.  The iron entered into their soul...The prison was strong, but He was stronger...
3.  God alone was their Physician.  He sent His word, and healed them.

"They rose up to the heavens, they went down to the depths;
Their soul melted away in misery.
They reeled and staggered like a drunken man,
And they were at their wit's end.
Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble,
And He brought them out of their distresses.
He caused the storms to be still,
So that the waves of the sea were hushed."
(verses 26-29)

4.  They that go down to the sea in ships...that do business in great waters...'They hang upon the wave; the sea yawns under them; and the laid bare between the surges.'   They reel to and fro 'dashed against the shoals and quicksands.'  They stagger and totter, 'They cannot keep their feet.' And are at their wits end. 'He who knows how to pray, let him learn to be a sailor.'  He makes the storm a calm. 'By His word the swelling sea becomes calm.' So that the waves thereof are still.  'And the noise of it is hushed to silence.'  The weather-beaten mariners having reached the shore, in an ecstacy of joy, kiss the sand and lay themselves down upon the beach.'"

(Adam Clarke)

And thus He calls the lost wanderers and the captives and the sick and the sea-tossed to bring them in like we once watched with bated breath at the smallest harbor on the west coast in Oregon, Depoe Bay, where the boats had to shoot the sea walls amidst the high crashing waves in a storm to gain the safe harbor while we and the other spectators cheered from the shoreline or atop the bridge as we were.


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