Tuesday, August 9, 2016


What happens when you wake up with the chickens?

"Awake, harp and lyre;
I will awaken the dawn!
I will give thanks to Thee,
O Lord, among the peoples;
And I will sing praises to Thee,
O Lord, among the nations.
For Thy lovingkindness
is great above the heavens;
And Thy truth reaches to the skies.
Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;
And Thy truth reaches to the skies.
Be exalted, O God, above the heavens,
And Thy glory above all the earth.
That Thy beloved may be delivered,
Save with Thy right hand, and answer me!"
(verses 2-7)

This sounds like an early morning praise exercise, which I wouldn't know much about since my husband is the one who rises at 4:30 every morning leaving me to get up later, much later.  It's been awhile since I awakened the dawn.  But I will give thanks to my Lord.  Praise is not to be isolated.  Isn't that something, that praising God is to be a public thing, to God, among the peeps, and then the nations.  What did President Reagan call us, "A city set upon a hill?"

I do know that since I had to leave to pick up my son from a youth retreat elsewhere, I missed worship by the time we got back to our church.  The sermon was wonderful, but I felt cheated having missed the worship time with the congregation. 

As I slipped in the back unwilling to be disruptive by walking up and joining my family, I sat with those gentlemen who come from our local mission, men who have become a vital part of our church.  It is a blessing to think of the truth of the words of the songs and the words of the message as it not just applies to me, but to these homeless guys.  His lovingkindness extends to those who have nothing but God.  An invitation was given to accept this lovingkindness, and several responded and inherited the whole kingdom of God!  His truth reaches the skies and He is exalted above the heavens as His glory is delivering His beloved to be saved.  

Sing it!  Play it!  Arise with it!  Don't be shy now.  Do it in public, exalting God.

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