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PSALM 110 continued...

The story goes that when our nation went to war, Tennessee was told to draft her men.  They were incensed, riled, and bristled at the idea, because they would respond only if they volunteered, which when the draft was rescinded, they did freely in overwhelming numbers.

"Your people will volunteer freely in the day of Your power;
In holy array, from the womb of the dawn,
Your youth are to You as the dew."

This is one of those lovelies bestowed upon us in Scripture.
1.  Volunteer, not drafted, and forced or enslaved (free-will)
2.  In holy array, from the womb of the dawn, 
a beautiful description of the birth of Christ.
3.  The description of youth, refreshing as dew. 

"It is not will if it be not free;
and if it be bound, it is no will.
Volition is essential to the being of the soul,
and to all rational and intellectual beings.
This is the most essential discrimination between matter and spirit.
Matter can have no choice, spirit has.
God uniformly treats man as a free agent;
and on this principle the whole of Divine Revelationis constructed...
If man be forced to believe, he believes not at all;
If man be incapable of willing good, and nilling evil,
he is incapable of being saved as a rational being...
The Hebrew words are the following:
'Thy princely or free people,'
'This praiseworthy people in the day of Thy power,'
'free, liberal, willing, noble'
'a free-will offering,'
'an offering made by superabundant gratitude: one not commanded.'"

"...The muster of the troops.  A host of bold spirited volunteers,--not mercenaries,--neither kidnapped nor impressed;--a volunteer people; high born,--loyal subjects, veteran soldiers,--every man bringing gifts to his General and King.  The regimentals, or uniform, in which they shall appear.  The beauties of holiness; the splendid garments of holiness.  The apparel shewing the richness of the King, and the worth and order of the soldiers...The Lacedemonian soldiers were clothed in scarlet; and never went to battle without crowns and garlands upon their heads...They shall be as the drops of dew at the break of day--innumerable;  and this shall be in consequence of Thy nativity,--the manifestation of Jesus.  Thou shalt be born unto men;--They shall born of Thy Spirit."  (Adam Clarke) 

Adam Clarke goes on to say, "Is there, has there ever been, any religion under heaven that has produced the liberality, the kindness, the charity, that characterize Christianity?  Well may the followers of Christ be termed--the cheerful beneficent people.  They hear His call,--come freely,--stay willingly,--act nobly,--live purely,--and obey cheerfully.  The day of His power is the time of the gospel--the reign of the Holy Spirit in the souls of His people."

"In the beauties of holiness"

"In the splendid garments of the holiness.  An allusion to the beautiful garments of the high priest.  Whatever is intended or expressed by superb garments, they possess in holiness of heart and life, , indicative of their Divine birth, noble dispositions, courage, etc.  Their garb is such as become the children of so great a King."

"From the womb of the morning"

"As the dew flows form the womb of the morning, so shall all the godly from Thee.  They are the dew of Thy youth;--they are the offspring of Thy own nativity.  As the human nature of our Lord was begotten by the creative energy of God in the womb of the Virgin; so the followers of God are not born of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, but by the Divine Spirit."  (This is almost chill, goose-bumpies beautiful!)...The heavenly dew is dropping every where from the womb of the morning; and all the ends of the earth are about to see the salvation of God."

Matthew Henry says, "in the beautiful attire...of grace and sanctification.  Holiness is the livery of Christ's family and that which becomes His house forever.  Christ's soldier are all thus clothed...In the early days of the New Testament, the youth of the church, great numbers flocked to Christ, and there were multitudes that believed, a remnant of Jacob that was as a dew from the Lord.

"Then the remnant of Jacob
Will be among many peoples
Like dew from the Lord."
(Micah 5:7)

"The dew of the youth is a numerous...hopeful show of young people flocking to Christ."

Holiness is part and parcel to His free followers, like dew refreshing the world.  We cannot serve Him in filthy rags.  We must be easily recognizable in the uniform we wear as to be obvious which side we serve.  Isn't it bewildering that such a beautiful thing as holiness is so hated?  Yet, we can rejoice in the swirl and glorious feel of our raiment without spot or wrinkle, worthy to wear to a wedding feast. 

My prince will come and I don't have to kiss any frogs.

As a child I remember being chosen to be a flower girl in my older cousin's wedding.  I found walking down the aisle in front of everyone's gaze to be disconcerting, yet how I relished my beautiful dress with a richness not found in other clothes hanging in my little girl's closet.  The dress was peach colored and shimmery.  I did not earn it.  It was a gift given.  When I wore it, it revealed that I was a part of the wedding party, little as I was, and yes, unworthy as I was as a rambunctious--shall I say, at times a brat--uncomprehending all the significance of being a part of a ceremony sealing a love in the dewy freshness of  youth.  Still, I belonged.  One day I was the one who wore the white dress.  Yet, there is another ceremony awaiting for all who believe.  Be ready with those wedding clothes in the beauty of holiness, for your Bridegroom cometh.

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