Friday, August 19, 2016

PSALM 111:10

How to have a good understanding. 

It didn't rain on the parade, but it was one firetruck, some policemen in a couple of cars, one on a motorcycle, three trucks bearing the celebrated team players we are so proud of, and one walking garbage can, the representative from the dump.  Hmm.  The five year old twins were in such anticipation of their older sisters parade that they were extremely disappointed having expected something more akin to the Disneyland parade of Pixar characters.  Just one lonely garbage can walking along in costume. Still I am grateful that supporters organized this in honor of these young athletes.  The World Series Softball Team came from the combined communities of OL.  The O firetruck came.  The L firetruck was busy putting out fires, probably driven by my son-in-law, and couldn't make it.  But the garbage can came.  At least it wasn't on fire.

Other musings...
My friends call me all the time, several times a day.  It is so frequent that I have begun to call these telemarketers my friends, that way it's easier to tell my son who rang.  He gets it and nods.  I've done the "Do Not Call" thing but it didn't work, didn't even slow them down.  So I live with it.  I mean, no one thinks, hey, when I grow up I want to be a telemarketer!  So I do have a little sympathy for these guys who can't get a better job.  So I don't scream at them or use an ear-splitting air horn into the receiver.  I just hang up and remember, once upon a time, one of my daughters had to make cold-turkey calls to set up appointments to talk to people on how to make their final arrangements. Yeah, you're right, I mean as in funeral arrangements, like casket or an urn for cremation? conversations.  It was almost like asking "paper or plastic."  It was part of her job description.  However, with our warped family humor, she found a weird enjoyment out of talking with the most fascinatingly strange people in our community when she followed up with them.  You know they're out.

Imaginary friends...
My twelve year old granddaughter was visiting her cousins when I went to pick her up.  After small talk she said she thought the little twins spoke their own language.  "Why, may I ask, do you think so?" said I. She replied that it was because they asked her if she was Grandpa, then preceded to both talk to an imaginarily-there grandpa.  "I couldn't understand what they were saying.  It was weird."

Oh, how soon they forget their imagination as they go off to middle school to grow up much too quickly.  After all, our friend's son had a pet squirrel growing up who went everywhere with them for years, imaginary as he was.  You've never lived until all plans are set aside as everyone searches for said imaginary squirrel so the family can leave together in the van without a little one screaming and crying like a banshee that the squirrel is lost.  (I've never heard a banshee, have you?  I'm rather curious.)  However, I suppose it was a little disconcerting for a beautiful young lady to be asked if she was her cousins' grandpa.

What I don't understand...
But you know what I think is really, really weird?  I can't understand how liberals talk.  It's like they live in an alternate universe of their imagination where imaginary squirrels must live.  For example, I live in a state that wants to allow felons to vote even while in jail while they want to take our guns away.  Well, I know why they want those votes so badly, still, just saying.  I don't understand a country that tells the teachers of formative minds that they have to present gender alternatives, that in some instances can't even allow the words "boy" or "girl" to be used, that lets born-boys with their working parts to go shower with the girls.  I don't understand people, Christians even, who want to vote more people like this in office.

I don't understand a country that welcomes immigrants before vetting them, bringing them in from hostile countries, countries which allow those who hate homosexuals to throw them off buildings, who gang rape women for some breach of their law or burn them alive, or kill them for something like talking to another man, or won't allow women to drive or be educated, countries with radicals of a religion that torture and kill Christians, kidnap and marry very young innocent girls because their prophet married an eight year old.  They aren't even able to be checked whether they adhere to this radicalization.  Of course some do endangering all. This creates cultures within our culture who want Sharia Law to take precedence over our Constitution.  I can't even understand  cultures within our society that burn their own neighborhoods because police who are there to protect them shoot someone who is pointing a gun at them.  And liberals call themselves the party for women and diversity but don't take steps to protect them as well as the rest of us.

I don't understand how intelligent people can skip over important parts of history so that they can believe  that we were never a Christian nation, rather a melting pot of everyone.  I don't understand how intelligent people believe that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, only economic greed: tell that to those dying Union soldiers.  I guess all those bookshelves full of  biographies and historical accounts I've read were wrong.

Sometimes I'd like to give that Statue of Liberty back to France.  Instead of  "Give me your..."I want to say, "Give me a moment here, please!"  Then again, I can hardly stand to think that I am only one generation from those who turned shiploads of fleeing Jews away from our shores, back to where they came from knowing full-well they would be put in concentration camps and exterminated.  It hasn't been that long folks.  But instead of allowing those Christians facing genocide in, our government still turns them back with no discernment about who should be allowed in and who should not.  I don't understand.  I guess, it's the same kind of thinking that worships recycling and thinks that walking garbage cans  belong in parades.

"A good understanding have all those who do His commandments."
(Psalm 111:10)

Oops, we just took them-thar commandments down from our courthouses! 
No wonder good understanding is getting harder to find.
I'll go drown my sorrows in fiction.
That's my imaginary life,
without the squirrel, of course.

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