Wednesday, September 28, 2016


"Teach me, O Lord, the way of Your statues,
And I shall observe it to the end.
Give me understanding, that I may observe Your law
And keep it with all my heart.
Make me walk in the path of Your commandments,
For I delight in it.
Incline my heart to Your testimonies
And not to dishonest gain.
Turn away my eyes from looking at vanity,
And revive me in Your ways.
Establish Your word (Your promise) to Your servant,
As that which produces reverence for You.
Turn away my reproach which I dread,
For Your ordinances are good.
Behold, I long for Your precepts;
Revive me through Your righteousness."
(verse 33-40)

Sometimes we get re-ended in this life by somebody going 70 miles per hour and pushed in the way of a semi.  Things can change in a flash, just as it did for my son in his car in the Bay area in stop and go traffic.  His car looked like an accordion.  This is the second time in six months that he has been re-ended and walked away from a totaled care uninjured.  God is good.  But maybe the other driver had turned away to look at vanity in the form of his iPhone, and caused the crash.   We don't know.  The laws of the road need to be observed.  Those laws can be for our good, but only if they are followed.  If not, there are smash ups and somebody can be hurt.  Blessedly it was only my son's rear-view mirror that wound up under the semi's tires.   

David's Psalms are from the perspective of the one chosen to rule, yet he says he is "Your servant."  I'm thinking of our own presidential debates.  You can almost say our country is a wreck with two candidates playing bumper cars trying to smash each other.  Can you imagine if the candidates approached it in the manner of the Psalmist, the manner of King David?  Their vulnerabilities would become tolerable if they reached out desirous of observing God's statutes to the end, swearing to observe His law with all their heart,  purposing to walk in the path of His commandments, delighting in them, not seeking dishonest gain....hmm...and turning their eyes away from vanity.  What if they sought to be revived in the ways of God, with an honest dread of reproach.  What if their longing above all else would be for His precepts.  Oh, Lord, revive them!

It is a sad state of affairs when we have to choose from worse to worst instead of better and best candidates.  Bald faced lies were said smiling behind podiums.  Slurs and surmises took the place of honest discussion of the issues.  If it is an issue of true equality, we should not even consider a candidate because of their gender or race, but only qualifications.  We do not need token candidates, but someone who will lead our country back from the brink instead of staying behind the wheel heading for disaster.

But it is me, O Lord, standing in the need of prayer.  I need reverence for you, revival from you, longing after your precepts, delighting in them and understanding them in order to observe them with my whole heart.  Your kingdom come, Your will be done.

Yes, our nation needs prayer.  It would be so foreign in our country's discourse if a leader followed along parroting these words of King David.  It would be as tense and unwelcome as the Israeli Prime Minister in the Oval Office in the current administration.  But is there anything we need more than what this Psalmist is crying out for?  No, I don't think so.  One nation under God, indivisible is becoming a lost cause without God intervening.  Our only hope is "If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray, then will I hear their prayers and heal their land."  That's how God sends revival. So there you have it.  

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