Friday, September 23, 2016


verses 17-18

"Deal bountifully with Your servant,
That I may live and keep Your word.
Open my eyes, that I may behold
Wonderful things from Your law."

Deal Bountifully...
Your servant.

Just reading how the Irish slave trade was as horrible as the African slave trade sent to America, in part because they were denigrated as a people only worthy as a servant or slave class, that they were not only political enemies, but Catholics persecuted by Cromwell.  They were much cheaper than the African slaves by far in the 1600's, sold for 5 pounds sterling compared to an African man for 25 pounds sterling. Whether they were indentured or slaves, most did not fare well. I do know that much of  my 37% Irish roots who left their homeland were escaping famine or a tyranny of government which meant that they were willing to fight in the Revolutionary War to throw off the hated English rule.

Servants throughout history have often not been treated well, often no better than slaves.  David was a servant-musician in King Saul's court but had a spear chucked at him more than once.  But here the servant of the Lord, himself now a king, is asking to be dealt bountifully with.  He is asking God to let him live and keep His word, obedience.  Hmm, the obedience part sure can rub our fur up the wrong way sometimes because no one wants to be under anyone's thumb.  We are willing to fight for independence.  Yet, God is a bountiful God.  That is why David is appealing to Him.  We can trust Him to deal bountifully with us if we can just open our eyes...

 "Open Thou mine eyes, reveal my eyes, illuminate my understanding, take away the veil that that is on my heart; and then shall I see wonders in Thy law.  The Holy Scriptures are plain enough, but the heart of man is darkened by sin.  The Bible does not so much need a Comment, as the soul does the light of the Holy Spirit.  Were it not for the darkness of the human intellect, the things relative to salvation would be easily apprehended." (Adam Clarke)

If you ever wonder why our world has gone crazy it's just that: the darkness of the human intellect apart from the light of the Holy Spirit.  There's a veil over their eyes.  They don't realize that it is a slavery to sin instead of freedom, chaos instead of the wonders in the Law. 

Matthew Henry says, "There are wondrous things in God's law, not only strange things, which are unexpected, but excellent things, which are to be valued, and things which were long hidden from the wise and prudent, but are now revealed unto babes.  If there were wonders in the law, much more in the gospel.  We are by nature blind to the things of God, till His grace cause the scales to fall from our eyes,  And the more God opens our eyes the more wonders we see in the word of God."

This week's news tidbit was the burnt piece of 1500 year old scroll that was found.  It was no more than a lump of charcoal.  However, a new invention was able to digitally unsort it, unroll it, and read it without touching it.  It is thought to be the oldest piece of transcript of Leviticus known in existence.  This contains part of the Law, a part of the Torah, meaning instruction and teaching us how to live.  Hmm.  We can see wonderful things from His law.

My five year old granddaughter had a reaction to a Christian song on the radio, "Jesus is coming soon..."  "He's going to be coming down but will He be invisible?   Because He didn't want to see us in a long time.  I think He was nervous so He came down in camouflage. What does 'soon' mean?"  Sadly, many will miss seeing Him, but not because Jesus is wearing camouflage.  But the veil can be lifted, and we can see Him in His glory as revealed in Scripture.

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