Friday, October 14, 2016


verse 107

"I am exceedingly afflicted;
Revive me, O Lord,
according to your word."

Yep.  I may not have David's affliction, but I'm feeling pretty puny these days.  I went to the doctor almost a week ago for an infection and have been on antibiotics ever since.  I don't think at age 62 that I really have morning sickness, but that is exactly how I feel, weak and nauseated.  I remember when they asked me in the E.R. once if I might be pregnant when I was almost 50, I laughed at them.  That was a mistake because I had appendicitis and it hurt to laugh.  So, no, I can safely announce I am not pregnant so put your Guinness Book of World Records down. 

I feel like I could use a little reviving about now though.  It's just that I don't know if my punies are from the infection, the antibiotic or my autoimmune reaction.  I'm as weak as a kitten but not as cute.

I had morning sickness forever in each pregnancy.  In fact when Jay was two, he laid down on the couch and said, "Look at me!  I'm mommy!"  Yep.  That was me.  That's still me.  I could barely get off the couch those days, and I'm no better now.  It's just that I didn't expect those symptoms to return at my age.
(No I don't smoke and don't wear high heels)

I put off going to the store until there was no hope of sustenance left.  In fact, when the refrigerator was stripped bare of nearly all food, my man and son helped me go to Walmart to divide and conquer.  By the time I got home, I felt clammy and shaky, but prepared a nice tri-tip steak dinner with baked potatoes and sautéed asparagus to celebrate a trip to Walmart. 

So, I sit in my recliner reclining, watching the fall leaves, the ones that get tracked in on the floor  and I'm too tired to sweep, and the cobwebs which seem to be getting ready to decorate for Halloween unless I get enough energy to attack them before the 31st.  But the good news is, I can still read.  My reclining sectional is my throne of reading.  But I wonder if the back of my head will become flat like baby left in its infant carrier too long.

Lately, I found some new authors I thought were exceptional in their writing: Michele Phoenix's books, "In Broken Places," and "Tangled Ashes.  These books deal with the issues of alcoholism, breast cancer, and domestic violence, and even some still suffering from escaping the Nazis.  These are not done in an irredeemable way, rather are real page-turners.  Then there is Jan Watson's "Troublesome Creek," that is in an Appalacian setting.   I also enjoyed, "The Promise of Jesse Woods," by Chris Fabry, a novel set in the sixties.  I also learned something I had never heard before about the Dust Bowl days in the book by Bonnie Leon, "The Valley of Promise." It tells how a government program sent willing families away from their dried up land to Alaska to farm.  These books are all so different, but well written.  In "Tangled Ashes" I learned how one program of the Nazis was for women to give birth to babies for the cause, babies they would give up so that they then would be raised for Hitler's purposes.  It was considered a duty for the most select officers to get the most beautiful Aryan women pregnant to breed for a more perfect race.  Yes, I learned some new things, I belly laughed at others, and savored some beautifully written passages. 

Ahh, now I've found one set in 1770's England goes to early America!
It's a new one, "The Captive Heart" by Michelle Griep

So, "I am exceedingly afflicted," well rather, "I'm somewhat afflicted," but I relate to the Psalmist's woes.  I could use a little reviving about now.  I called the doctor and she said I could quit my antibiotics and see if I'm better.  Whoopie!

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