Saturday, October 8, 2016


verse 78

"Let the proud be ashamed;
for they dealt perversely with me without cause;
but I will meditate in Thy precepts."

I don't know how they know, but the geese seemed to wait for October 1rst before beginning their   full orchestrated cacophony honking across the deep blue sky, the signal for brisk fall days.  Then there was the mockingbird.  It sang the sweetest repertoire I've ever heard the other morning.  If the bird could take requests, that would be the arrangement I would choose again and again.  Yet there was also the smoke alarm beeping that did not even wait for the Halloween deadline to sound off to change its batteries but began its regular annoyance like a miniature air-horn.  October first was its revelry.  Since I couldn't reach them even if I stood on the top of the stepladder, I waited all day for my husband to come home bearing batteries.  In the meanwhile, my dog was petrified and  spent the day begging to go out in the back yard only to want to come back in to sit on my lap with her face pressed against mine whining.  However, the sound that grated most was the eleven o'clock p.m. phone call from the school district with a recording relaying a clown threat with a resulting all schools 'lock-down.  I'm glad I was not asleep yet as it would be even more disturbing to be woken up to hear that a clown is threatening to shoot my son or other children in their schools.  Seriously?  It was the second such phone call added to the chatter online about clown threats spreading across the country. Clowns?  Really?  What is the world coming to?

Talk about evil hiding behind a costume, I can't stand Halloween and its dark underbelly.  Yes, I will hand out candy to cuties, but the terrible costumes worn by those too old to be begging candy--and I mean parents too--get my goat!  I doubt David had to deal with any clown threats, however.  His threats were too real, those who dealt with him perversely without cause.  His answer, besides a sling shot and five little stones, was to meditate on God's precepts, His Word.  There is so much evil out there, that I can only stay sane by meditating on God and His kingdom come, His will be done because the world is singing, "Here come the clowns!"

Every pastor knows what it is like for someone to deal with them perversely without cause.  Because of a pastor's inability to answer back often due to the confidentiality clause protecting parishioners they counsel, they are easy prey, especially by the attacking wolf in sheep's clothing.  It can get ugly quickly when you are standing fighting in the arena where Christians are thrown to lions.  It is spiritual warfare, so those in spiritual leadership are often the targets. Isn't this Pastor Appreciation month?  If nothing else, pray for him or her because clowns are real.

Adam Clarke says, "Pride is the mother of rebellion, both against God and man...Let the proud be ashamed: To reduce a proud man to shame, is to humble him indeed.  Let them be confounded; without cause, without any colourable pretext they have persecuted me."

Matthew Henry says, "There were those that dealt perversely with him and misconstrued all he said and did, but David regarded it not.  He knew it was without cause.  The causeless reproach, like the curse causeless, does not hurt us, and therefore should not move us.  He could pray, in faith: 'Let them be ashamed, that is let them be brought either to repentance or to ruin.'"

Sticks and stones do break bones and words do hurt us.  But God allows the proud to repent or come to ruin by their own choice.  Sometimes we loose patience waiting for either of those things to happen, repentance or ruin, especially if we are in the meanwhile dodging bullets like a game of dodge ball.  We can't forget the bigger picture when a stone whizzes by our ear, it's shame on them!  Shame on those Bozos!

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