Wednesday, October 19, 2016


verses 126-128

"It is time for the Lord to act,
For they have broken Your law.
Therefore I love Your commandments
Above gold, yes, above fine gold.
Therefore I esteem right all Your precepts
concerning everything,
I hate every false way."

Enough already!  Doesn't it seem like the enemy has filled up "the measure of their iniquities"?
Matthew Henry describes it as "to do something for the effectual confutation of atheists and infidels, and the silencing of those who set their mouth against the heavens...against the threatening growth of profaneness and immorality."

"Sin becomes fashionable, and a holy walk is regarded as a contemptible puritanism; vice is styled pleasure...Then the saints sigh for the presence and power of their God--Oh for an hour he King upon the throne and the rod of  iron!  Oh for another Pentecost...make them see that there is a God in Israel!"  (Treasury of David)

"When the earth was without form and void, the Spirit came and moved upon the face of the waters; should He not come when society is returning to like chaos?"

"Sometimes the sleep of the world, and the Church too, is so profound that it can be broken only by agencies like the wind or fire, or earthquake, which made the prophet shiver at the mouth of the cave, and without which the voice that followed, so still, so small and tender, would have been lost." (Enoan Mellor)  Do you feel the earth sinking into chaos?  We need the breathing of the Holy Spirit to move.  Sometimes God moves in the elements, but as the prophet discovered, sometimes it is the still small voice that is to be heard in the rumbling of the world.

"A great comfort have we in this, that if we love the Lord, and study in a good conscience to serve Him, we can have no enemies but such as are enemies to God." (William Cowper) 

It however is a little presumptuous to tell God, "NOW!  It's time to say, 'Your time's up!'"  But He already knows our hearts when we are fed up with the morass of sin of this wicked world. This however is the "zeal of the Psalmist increased as the love of many waxed cold."

"It is time..."

"As it was God's time to work, so I was David's time to love."

"It is a mark of a true believer that He does not depend upon others for his religion, but drinks water out of his own well, which springs up even when the cisterns of earth are all dried.  Our holy poet amid a general depreciation of the law felt his own esteem of it rising so high that gold and silver sank in comparison."

"Therefore I love Your commandments
Above gold, yes above fine gold."

"As they hate so I love."

Adam Clarke translates it, above "resplendent gold; gold without any stain or rust. above solid gold separated from the dross.  Perfect gold....He says, I love Thy commandments above gold; yea, above fine gold.  My love is greater to Thy law, than that of the miser to his bags."

"Thy word I love and own,--
A wealthier heritage
Than gold and precious stone."

Charles Bridges calls us to be "spiritual misers," hiding it in our hearts.  
We are back to the golden calf.  Do we worship gold or wait for the Law to come down?

"Love to truth begat hatred of falsehood."
We must hate every false way. 

Adam Clarke says, "Whatever gain idolatry and time serving might hold out to him, he abominated it, because he hated every false way.  His love of God, His law, and holiness, was grater than his love of life."  We are so afraid to hate.  But it is as essential as it is to love God's word, that we must hate what is false.  It is the plumb line of our faith.

My man's job has changed from head of the Crisis Center for Teen Challenge to that of the training center disciplining the next level of students.  He keeps saying, "What a difference!  It is so peaceful!"  After being immersed in the real crisis of lives being snatched from the gates of hell, it was always critical that they learn to hate their false ways.  After that, they learn to love Truth above all else and are able to go on and grow as disciples.  It is important to learn to hate false ways as well as learning to love, to esteem all God's precepts. 

So I guess the question is, what do we esteem?  What do we love?  There is flying around warnings about the value of the dollar losing its worth much like the Confederate bills did turning into worthless paper when the governments of the world spurn the U.S. dollar and go to a world monetary base instead.  Gold is touted as the safest investment.  But let me give you a tip: there's something infinitely of more value!  Don't be sold any wooden nickels, don't be duped by any false ways.

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