Thursday, October 27, 2016


verses 153-160

"Consider mine affliction, and deliver me,
for I do not forget Thy law.
Plead my cause, and deliver me:
quicken me according to Thy word.
Salvation is far from the wicked:
for they seek not Thy statutes.
Great are Thy tender mercies, O Lord,
quicken me according to Thy judgments.
Many are my persecutors and mine enemies;
yet do I not decline from Thy testimonies.
I beheld the transgressors and was grieved:
because they kept not Thy word.
Consider how I love Thy precepts:
quicken me, O Lord, according to Thy loving-kindness.
Thy word is true from the beginning:
And every one of Thy righteous judgments endureth for ever."

Okay, I've survived being sneezed on by an elephant
getting his trunk full of snot all over me;
I've had a pelican poop on my head;
I've been spit on by teaches on strike
and called every name in the book;
I've eaten frog legs, crawdads, and squirrel;
I've walked thirty miles in one day;
And my Father is King of the world!
So don't you dare mess with me!

I've got autoimmune issues that just plain make me weird.  Yet, my afflictions don't even compare to what others suffer, and that makes me thankful daily.  God considers my afflictions, and it's okay to cry for deliverance!  As in one old hymn, "O Worship the King," we sing...

"Frail children of dust, and feeble as frail,
In Thee do we trust,
nor find Thee to fail.
Thy mercies how tender,
how firm to the end!
Our Maker, Defender, Redeemer, and Friend!"

So if you have feebly-weebly days, frail as dust days, it's okay.  God doesn't have off days, weak days, or days He's too tired to help.  We don't forget what is written and can cry out for deliverance whether the battle is without or within. 

"Plead my cause"

Adam Clarke interprets it to say, "'Be my Advocate in my suit.' 
Contend for us against the Babylonians, and bring us out of affliction."

One of the most unpleasant experiences of my life was taking the stand for a baby's murder trial.  As I've said before, a young woman in our church was the key witness, and she had told me what she had heard expecting confidentiality.  But as a pastor's wife, I had none and was summoned to testify.  They tried to use my testimony to discount hers, tried to make me out to be a liar.  I had to sit there being cross-examined with the man who killed the infant--the infant who happened to be the same age as my nine month old--stared me down.  Ever since then, I've been an advocate for life, even when others try to stare me down or disparage me.  I plead the cause for the unborn.  Later in this same passage, it says...

"Great are Your tender mercies"

Adam Clarke says, "They extend to all the wretchedness of men...
The word signifies what a mother feels for the infant that lay in her womb."

Oh my! 
God whose Spirit hovered over a young woman chosen to be the mother of His Son,
thinks of us with all the tenderness of a mother for her infant in the womb.

He even extends this mercy to all wretched men.
What could be more wretched than a baby-killer?

While high on drugs, he had taken the crying baby by the feet and slammed its head into the wall.
My friend heard the crying, next the slamming noise, and then the baby was still.  I had to find child care for my own baby I was still nursing in order to take the stand.  I looked into his eyes  and spoke against him to see justice done.  Yet, this baby-killer was baptized in the jail shower by my husband.  That, my friend, is a picture of how broad, how intimate God's tender mercies are.

The Psalmist "complains of his adversaries: They are many.  Many devils; many men; many visible and invisible....They were transgressors.  Not simple sinners, but workers of iniquity.  He was greatly distressed on their account.  "I beheld them and was grieved...afflicted with anguish."
If the sinner heeds not the Word of God, does not reach out and accept His offer of salvation, they are without hope.  It should cause us grief.  We can view the world daily filled with wretched men and women trying to fill their God-sized hole with themselves, scratching and clawing their way to power.

Hold on to God

The Psalmist "loves not merely the blessings he receives from God, but he loves God's law; and none will love this, who does not delight in obedience.  And how few are there of this character, even in the church of God." 

"He concludes...Thy word is true...from Adam to Moses; and from Moses to Christ; from Christ to the present time; and from the present time to the end of the world.  For it endures forever.  All other things wear out, or decay."  

In the meanwhile, go for the tender mercies of God. 
There's nothing better in this ol'wicked world than that.

(Quote Adam Clarke) 

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