Friday, October 28, 2016


verses 161-168

God is bigger than politics, amen?

These verses are a comfort because there is a platform greater than my political party,
it is the Word of God, and here I stand!

"Princes persecute me without cause,
But my heart stands in awe of Your words.
I rejoice at Your word,
As one who finds great spoil.
I hate and despise falsehood,
But I love Your law.
Seven times a day I praise You,
Because of Your righteous ordinances.
Those who love Your law have great peace,
And nothing causes them to stumble.
I hope for Your salvation, O Lord,
And do Your commandments.
My soul keeps Your testimonies,
And I love them exceedingly.
I keep Your precepts and Your testimonies,
For all my ways are before You."

Adam Clarke summarizes these verses before we break it down...

"I.  His love for God
II.  The ardour and perfection of that love:.

1.  The first sign of his love was, that it stood in the midst of persecution.
2.  The second sign of his love is, the joy and delight he took in God's love...
3.  The third sign of his love was, his hatred to all iniquity, 'I hate and abhor lying.'
4.  The fourth sign was, his fervor and earnestness in devotion, 'seven times, etc.'
5.  The fifth sign was, the satisfaction he took in the welfare of others."

Princes persecute...think of Moses coming out of Egypt.  In fact, this Psalm could  have been sung appropriately by Moses as he came down off the mountain with God's law in his hands, only to find an orgy going, his people--led by his own brother--worshipping an idol crafted from the spoils of the Hebrew children, the golden jewelry the Egyptians pressed upon them to leave them alone.  Moses' spoil was not the rings and earrings they offered to make the golden idol, but God's word and the truth from it that was precious.  I would like to think that there were some who hid out away from that horrible scene that Moses walked into, maybe those who babysat the children while their parents got drunk and did whatever that led to.  It was that protected generation who entered the Promise Land, not the parents, not Aaron, not even Moses.  There was young Caleb and Joshua hiding their eyes. 

Or think of David in Saul's court and then being pursued by Saul's army causing him to go into hiding.  No wonder he could write so beautifully of the rewards of following after God.  David as he made hard choices to serve God.  He knew he served a "jealous God; their hearts stood in awe, and they were thereby kept from sin."

"As one that findeth great spoil"

"This appears to refer to such spoil as is acquired by stripping the dead in a  field of battle; taking the rich garments of the slain chiefs: or it may refer to plunder in general.  God opened his eyes, he beheld His law; and each discovery of this kind was like finding a prize."
(Adam Clarke)

I haven't stood in the battle fields of the  vanquished dead, but I have been to dead people's estate sales where their valuables are ravished: one person's junk is another person's treasure or one person's treasure is another person's junk. 

As I've said before, for years we dug in dumps when we went camping as I was growing up.  As bad as that sounds, it was actually in the dumps of ghost towns.  There were no dump trunks which came by the log cabins to pick up their trash in the old days.  It was just thrown out the door or down in a gulch.  Sometimes we used a metal detector, but usually it was just careful eyeballing which discovered treasures like an old medicine bottle which had turned purple, or a black carved button with a castle on it, a purple ink well from the site of the old school, a tiny china dog, or a small doll head, you know, treasures.

Oh, how glorious to find treasures, spoil, in the Word of God!  These are what are precious, things that will last into eternity.  Others may throw it to the rubbish pile, but we glean it finding nuggets of truth to guide and make our lives beautiful.

"Have you found any treasures lately, the spoils of God?"

To be continued...

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