Monday, October 10, 2016


verses 81-88

Remember that I told you that Psalm 119 was a Hebrew alphabet song?
A little long perhaps but it has some catchy phrases.

I will treat this part of the Hebrew alphabet verse collection as a whole
with an emphasis on its bookend verses, 81 &88

"My soul languishes for Your salvation;
I wait for Your word.
My eyes fail with longing for Your word,
While I say, 'When will You comfort me?'"

In the middle the Psalmist describes himself as a cracked or shriveled wineskin,
he tells of pits dug for him, 
how he is persecuted by lies
until he cries out, "help me!"
I'm almost destroyed...

Then he goes on to plead,

"Revive me according to Your lovingkindness,
So I may keep the testimony of Your mouth."

I'm not one to sit around longing for heaven even though I want to go there...until lately.  It gets kinda ugly and scary down here.  Don't you long, languish for God, long for His comfort?  Makes me want to bring back the '70's mantra, Maranatha,  Come quickly Lord Jesus!  Well, I think David was at that point.

When I hear, "revive me," I have a visual in my head of someone flat out on the ground and God has to do the miracle as when He created man, bending down to breathe the breath of life in them again.  Have you ever felt flat out of everything, the world has stolen your joy, or was it grief, or is it worry, or bad health?  Wait!  His lovingkindess is coming to revive you.  As soon as the Psalmist gets up he is going to keep what has come out of God's mouth.  That's called resuscitation.

Adam Clarke says, "I have longed so incessantly after Thy salvation, the complete purification and restoration of my soul, that my very spirits are exhausted.

"My heart-strings groan with deep complaint;
My soul lies panting, Lord for thee;
And every limb and every joint
Stretches for perfect purity."

He goes on to say of the last verse,

"Quicken Thou me"--make me alive.
All true religion consists in the life of God
in the soul of man.
The manner in which he wishes to be quickened,
"After Thy lovingkindness,"
he wishes not to be raised from the death of sin
by God's thunder,
but by the loving voice of a tender father."

Matthew Henry suggests that this longing is the longing for the Messiah to come.
Their long-distance vision was getting fuzzy.  David felt as old and wrinkled and useless as a shriveled up wineskin of no use except to be thrown away.  Our blest vision, however, is looking back at the work Christ did for us on the cross and at His resurrection.  Then there's our forward vision for when we get to be with Him in paradise where He is preparing a place for us.  A place.    You are significant to Him.  There's no better hope or desire but to long for God's lovingkindess.   Why, Thunderation!  That's revival!

Need a little of God's breath blown into you today?  Look at the wind which blows the fall leaves and realize the Holy Spirit, the Comforter is there for you.  Breath out your distress and breath in His promise.  Then get up to dance another day.

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