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verses 92-95

 Tell the truth...
Have you ever wanted to be a superhero,
especially when the bad guys come around?

Superpower Duo,  the Itchy-Powder-Sneaker-Liars

"If your law had not been my delight,
Then I would have perished in my affliction.
I will never forget Your precepts,
For by them You have revived me.
I am Yours, save me;
For I have sought Your precepts.
The wicked wait for me to destroy me;
I shall diligently consider Your testimonies."

We had a new believer in our first church who became very earnest in living the Christian life, giving up his marijuana patch and stopping poaching deer.  He read his Bible voraciously.  But he was a little confused about the different gospels as they kept killing this guy Jesus over and over.  He grew in the Lord and became of wonderful church leader with a beaming smile and better understanding.

"If Thy law had not been my delight..."
(verse 92)

Well, here we have David, over and over again being afflicted and being pursued by the wicked to destroy him.  He cries out for God to save him.  He is clinging to his delight in the law, never forgetting His precepts, being revived by them, diligently considering His testimonies. 

Adam Clarke says, "Had we not had the consolation of of religion, we should long ago have died of a broken heart.

"The wicked wait for me to destroy me."
verse 95

We have a lot of bullying going on in our neighborhood.  It shouldn't have to be this way.  We live in a very nice subdivision with a beautiful park a block away where our boys and friends cannot safely go.  They got accosted again this week, and the hooligans started a fight.  For one of our son's friends, this was the fifth time he was jumped by them while it was the second time our son was in on a police report.  According to them, the ringleader's mother jumped into the fray yelling, "Leave my son alone!  He's on probation and has been doing so good!"  That was before she landed a couple of punches herself.  Hmm.  Sadly, it's their word against our boys since the jogger who stopped to see if the kid who was beaten up was okay but didn't stay long enough for the sheriff to question him.  No one in the crowd came forward either though the fight is probably on YouTube somewhere.

Oh, to be Clark Kent!

One of the "gang" of kids goes to school with our son and has threatened him there many times, as well as in our own yard, saying that he was going to kill him and us as well.  It turns out that this kid is the one who has been bullying our son since 7th grade.  He is fifteen. The other school finally nipped it in the bud, but now?   At least the high school has surveillance of him approaching ours at the lunch hour when one of the threats was made. 

"I am Yours, save me."
"I am Thine."
verse 94

It may not be armies or countries fighting against each other like in David's time, but young teens are stealing our boys 'freedom to walk to each other's houses without coming under attack.  One time this same little gang stole the most persecuted boy's scooter--yes, they are still goofy enough to ride scooters even at their age.  I drove by and interrupted them.  This time they tried to steal the same boy's skateboard.  The sheriff says there's not much they can do and suggests we should get a restraining order.  Really?  My fifteen year old has to get an expensive restraining order to be safe in our neighborhood and at school?  As I write this, my son called home scared because the kid is threating him again at school.  I told him to go to the vice principal's office since that's who I talked to this morning about it.  (By the way, I called the county courthouse to ask about the restraining orders and was put on hold for an hour before I gave up.)


I wish it was the only little gang that has accosted them with brawling and weapons:  more than once other kids have pulled a knife, even once on my grown daughter in the park with her kids.  The sheriff responding did not take that seriously either.  It took us contacting a friend who worked in probation to get action that time.

Because our son was exposed to extreme violence he witnessed when he was very young, even in the womb being bathed by his mother's adrenaline pumping, he has with post-trauma.  He froze.  We're glad he did not enter the fight, but he has to deal with this in a deeper way than just the physical attack.

"I am Thine."

(KJV, verse 94)
I like the view that Thomas Maton expresses, "Whenever you look at heaven, remember that within, you have a God who hath fixed His residence and shown His glory there, and made it the seat of His mercy and justice."  This is what the Holy Spirit does, the Comforter and Helper.  Mercy and justice!  That's even better than waiting for the sheriff to respond.  

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